Poetry – Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East


There will be no peace

In the Middle East

Until all sides are resolved

And past sins absolved.


Two thousand years of injury

Leave a bitter legacy,

A toxic history,

Requiring an end to misery


We should all abhor

The men of war

Who firmly shut the door

To fester the sore.


Not the people to blame

In this vale of shame

They are all the same

Caught in a hapless game.


All sides around a table –

Dispense with the fable!


Opher – 23.9.2020

153 thoughts on “Poetry – Peace in the Middle East

  1. Bunk. Europe caused all the wars in the Middle East and Africa with their sub human imperialism. Split France, starting with Paris into 2 separate States. A French State and a Balestinian State.

      1. That series of wars resulted in the violent death of more than 50% of Judean Jewry. Not till the Warsaw ghetto uprising had Jews revolted against Goyim. Actions produce their consequences!

      2. What’s not either or? Either the Greek and Roman empires originate from Europe or they existed upon some other continent. Go back to school.

      3. A team of scientists from the University of Tubingen in Germany and the University of Toronto in Canada are seeking to revise that story. In two complementary studies published in the journal PLOS One, they argue that the earliest human ancestor emerged in Europe, not Africa, around 7.2 million years ago, or 200,000 years earlier than was previously thought.

        Ooops wrong again.

      4. Bunk. Consequences occur due to prior actions. Living with the consequences … the Balestinian Arabs pretend they once existed as an Independent nation in the community of nations. Lies.

      5. We have been – but their home is where you are. You’re a hypocrite. You lay claim to a land you haven’t seen for two thousand years yet you deny the people you ousted just fifty years ago.
        Compromise. Wake up. Grow up. Open your eyes. Too full of hate and revenge to see.

      6. No one owns land. We’re all just passing through. The land will be there long after the last Israeli and Palestinian has gone.

      7. The red Indians held to that identical opinion, no one owns land. LOL How come ya don’t shed alligator tears for the poor Red Man. Racist.

      8. I did not say that. I said we live now. We can’t undo the past but we can make amends in the present. The Jews deserve land, the Native Americans do and so do the Palestinians.

      9. Like this noise answers the above question. I personally knew an Indian Chief in Tulsa Ok. He spoke fluently 23 languages. He mopped floors in the Tulsa mall!!!!!

      10. You are an example of a tribal racist if ever I talked to one. Primitive, uncultured, living in the past and ignoring all wisdom. It will be the downfall of Israel.

      11. The sub-human Spanish genocide of the Aztecs or the Beligium king slaughter of the people of the Congo 1885 to 1908?! Another example of Europeans being sub-human barbarian scum.

      12. Your brainwashed ignorance prevents you from seeing – we build the future. You’re after making the same mistakes. More of the same – blood, hate and vengeance. It’ll never stop until you grow up.

      13. The Second Temple period experienced a surge in militarism and violence aimed at curbing the encroachment of Greco-Roman and Hellenistic Jewish influence in Judea. Groups such as the Maccabees[13] the Zealots, the Sicarii at the Siege of Masada,[14] and later the Bar Kochba revolt, all derived their power from the biblical narrative of Hebrew conquest and hegemony over the Land of Israel, sometimes garnering support of the rabbis,[15] and at other times their ambivalence.[16]

      14. Try looking out of your window at the theft of land going on, illegal settlements, bulldozing of innocent peoples’ houses, brutalisation of the Palestinians, use of violence and terror. Behaving like Nazis – the irony.

      15. Israel …. not Jordan or Lebanon or a single Arab or Muslim country repatriated Arab Stateless refugees who fled the war zones … Israel alone repatriated the ’48 Arab stateless refugees.

      16. Cloud cuckoo land. You displaced people who have lived there for centuries – based on some archaic religious text.

      17. “Cloud cuckoo land. You displaced people who have lived there for centuries – based on some archaic religious text.”

        Funny Mark Twain in the latter half of the 19th century, he personally visited ‘Greater Syria’ of the Ottoman empire and stated otherwise.  Idiot.

      18. Mark Twain personally witnessed the conditions of Ottoman Greater Syria in the 1880s.  Ya claim to know history, but disparage a historic first hand observation.  LOL what a moron.

      19. Once upon a time, the land was free,

        As free as the wind, rain and sea.

        Then, on the African plain

        A mutation created man.

        We prospered and increased in number

        Moving out across the world


        We formed little clans and tribes.

        We were hunter-gatherers and began to think of the tracts of land we hunted in as ours.

        It brought us into conflict with neighbouring tribes.

        But the land was not owned. It belonged to all.

        The tribes prospered and coalesced and we invented nations.

        The nations had leaders who became kings and religious leaders.

        They claimed the land as theirs.

        They waged war against other tribes to seize their land, to pillage and plunder

        And increase their own wealth and power.

        The robber barons who helped them subjugate the people and conquer were rewarded.

        The kings and religious leaders gave them big tracts of land.

        The robber barons sold or leased off small parcels of land to the people

        Thus increasing their wealth.

        The people farmed or lived on the small parcels of land they were sold.

        The robber barons fenced off the land and called it private.

        The kings, religious leaders and robber barons waged war, set up empires and increased their wealth and power.

        The ordinary masses of people were enslaved, exploited, used and abused.

        Down through history.

        The descendants of the robber barons, kings and religious leaders still ‘own’ the vast tracts of land they purloined from the people. They use this land to generate vast wealth.

        The descendants of ordinary people still cling on to their tiny parcels of land or rent their space.

        The same wealthy robber barons own Britain, the USA and Israel. They still seize land, plunder and pillage out of greed and selfishness. They do it through war, corruption, manipulation and economic control. They manipulate us through the media, through patriotism, religion, politics, nationalism, xenophobia and racism. They divide people so that we turn on each other and not on them.

        So, my friend Moshe, we are the exploited ones, We are not responsible for our rulers. They are the robber barons of old. They manipulate us. History is the story of the exploits of the robber barons – not our folk.

        The land is as free as we want it to be. It is never owned, only borrowed or stolen. We are just passing through.

        One day we will take all the land back. Hopefully, we will find a better way of living – not part of this system of greed, inequality and environmental destruction. We will all be equally important and there will not be this inherent racism and artificial division. There will not be nations or races. There will be people.

        That is why I support the UN – because it is a way of taking power from those who are presently abusing it and exploiting us, and damaging our planet.

        I am idealistic, realistic and far from stupid. I clearly see what is going on.

        You, Moshe, are playing into their hands.

        The land is free.

      20. In a few hours Yidden begin the fast of Yom Kippor. Perhap ya remember the Yom Kippor war where Arabs from Egypt to Syria invaded the Jewish state? No, well you can’t repair blind ignorance.

      21. Bunk. The Torah lives as the wisdom of my people. You sub human barbarians despise our Torah. No shock their, just look at any of your bible translations, like the king James for example. Never once do your bibles ever bring the Name as found in the 1st commandment of Sinai. HaHaHaHaHa

      22. That would be ‘you’re’ meaning ‘you are’ not ‘your’. You obviously need an education. That you cannot understand intelligent work doesn’t surprise me.

      23. “No but incorrect grammar, incorrect logic and a lack of content says a lot.”

        What differentiates between the logic formats of Oral Torah, Aristotle, and Hegel?  Ignorant moron.

      24. The connection between Britain and the US, compares to the Yatzir Tov and Yatzir Ra connection within the heart of a human being. This obviously excludes the peoples of the EU.

      25. Ya remind me of church of christ folk who believe that only they will go to heaven. For idiots like you, only you possess wisdom. LOL fool.

    1. Jack S. Cohen.  The Yom Kippur War: New Evidence

      A response.

      A reactionary report. To discuss the ’73 war requires understanding US pressure for Israel not to repeat the ’67 precedent. Why? Posting an indictment based upon 20/20 hindsight does not require tremendous research. Why did the Nixon Administration change the dollar from a gold/silver commodity based currency to a petro-dollar/fiat currency? This decision, how did it impact the Nixon demand upon Golda not to make another ’67 surprise attack? Why would OPEC oil producing countries agree to US regulation of their own natural resources, as if Saudi Arabia existed as a State within the US Republic?! For OPEC countries to agree to tie sales of oil and gas limited strictly and only in US Dollar sales requires research. In 1971 France demanded gold or silver for their inter-national dollars. OPEC oil/gas sales to countries abroad, which restrict purchase of OPEC oil/gas strictly in US Dollar purchases, forced France to abandon their demand that the US supply them with gold or silver for their inter-national Dollar surplus.

      What preconditions did the king of Saudi Arabia place upon acceptance of the petro-dollar US monopoly?  Perhaps, a demand that Nixon would pressure Golda not to initiate the coming war? Why? The logic seems simple to me, Israel started the ’67 war and won. If Egypt and Syria along with other Arab States achieve a similar surprise attack, perhaps they would win the war.  This assumption proved false. But Israel, with a population of less than 3 million at the time, suffered 2665 killed in the Yom Kippor War!

      The Syrian break through the Golan Heights terrified Golda into assuming that Israel would suffer a total defeat in a war to throw the Jews into the Sea.  Another possible precondition placed by OPEC oil producing countries upon acceptance of US regulation of their own natural resources, a demand that Nixon possibly accept, that should OPEC impose an oil embargo against the West, that the US would not invade OPEC countries.

      Follow the money. How would the Nixon Administration profit from such a deal?  Previously mentioned the hostile economic policy of Paris. The oil embargo exponentially increased the price of oil.   All countries who bought OPEC oil had to have international USDs. This made Washington the money lender to the planet!   Not only this, but Nixon imposed the ‘Windfall Profits’ tax upon domestic oil industries!   Overnight the petro-dollar monopoly introduced more cash into the coffers of the treasury than virtually any domestic private industry taxed! 

      Therefore Nixon had a stake in the action, an ax to grind, when he demanded from Golda not to initiate the ’73 War!

      1. I’ll spell it out to you in simple terms Moshe.
        This is what I am saying.
        Revenge creates hate.
        Disrespect creates hate.
        Hate can last two thousand years.
        Hate creates violence.
        Until things are reconciled for all parties you have a cycle of hate, suspicion and distrust.
        Forgiveness breaks the cycle.
        No amount of treaties will bring peace while there is a sore festering.
        Until both the Israelis and Palestinians can come to a compromise you will have war, unhappiness, anger, fury, death, revenge and hate.
        That is the truth.

      2. Noise. Sub human European barbarians do not determine … not the borders of the Jewish state, not the citizenship of the Jewish state. Europeans have no place in the Middle East.

      3. Your inability to rationally communicate a thesis statement with specifics which support the thesis statement thesis, basic lit. 101, served as evidence of your not all their status.

      1. Well that is true. People who are unable to think, reason and fall hook, line and sinker for some fabricated story are certainly weak-minded.

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