The First Presidential Debate – Opher’s verdict – The Schoolyard Bully V the Gentleman

One strutted a preened – one stood proud.

One interrupted and bullied – one remained unruffled

One looked and sounded like a thug – The other looked and sounded like a President

One appealed to neo-Nazi white supremacists – one stood against fascism

One was the schoolyard bully – the other was a gentleman President


There was no doubt about it – Biden won hands down. He showed Trump up for the uncouth fascist he is.

6 thoughts on “The First Presidential Debate – Opher’s verdict – The Schoolyard Bully V the Gentleman

  1. A lot of Trump’s supporters loved the debate. They are proud of how he handled it. I saw a video of Trump saying the debate went great and got wonderful reviews and ratings. I couldn’t even watch the entire debate because I actually had an anxiety attack! I am terrified for my country. I am heart broken.

    1. Over here we saw some footage of a number of Trump supporters who were surprised that Biden had done so well and a bit dismayed. That’s good.
      I notice a bounce for Biden.
      Don’t despair. I reckon you’ll be rid of the menace soon. He has been a real focus for hate and division and empowerment of racists and fascists. Hopefully when he has gone things will settle – though why America is such a hotbed for racism and fascism is worrying.

  2. Well don’t you worry Opher, either guy winning makes no difference. Americans will still continue to blow up other peoples women and children to “save” democracy.

    If you look back at Biden’s record …….. now THAT is scary!

    The Dump is just gross whatever he does but there is little difference when it comes to policy in reality.

    All that has happened is that the bullshit show is being exposed with the curtain being pulled back just a bit. It is rare because the “owners” don’t like to be exposed!

    All that Dump is is the out-picturing of the ugly-American that so often in the past were touring Europe!



    1. Tub – that is not exactly true is it?
      Trump is empowering the right-wing, threatening liberties, doing away with all science and environmental work, encouraging crazy conspiracy, reducing worker rights, reducing environmental standards and creating a fascist state.
      Biden wouldn’t do that.

      1. All that is true and remember the reason this country got Dump is because Obummer/Biden played to the rich and left the workers behind.
        Dump has done the same thing because what you see in this country isn’t what is going on.

        BOTH parties policies are the same but implemented differently. Dump is just more blunt and Biden is sneaky but the power is still set up for the few and NO MATTER what the citizen want the policies NEVER reflect the citizens desires.

        Foreign Policy is an open example. BOTH parties have never met a war they haven’t liked and supported. The citizens in general 70+% don’t want war.

        What kind of “democracy” is that. The only “democracy” why have is $$$$$$$$!

        BURN IT DOWN!


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