Trump’s Financial crimes???

Here’s what a friend was reporting to me. I’m not sure of all the facts but it sure looks bad:

Apart from not paying any taxes for eleven years – except the paltry $750 (far less than a nurse pays each year) – he was paid $73.9 Million rebate! That is $73.9 million of American peoples’ money!

It was 73.9. Million and yes… it’s still being disputed from what I understand. For some reason people are really focused on the $750.00. Not the fact that monies were given to Ivanka as a consultant when she is a CE of the companies. That is tax fraud. Or the tax refund… also tax fraud.. but in IRS litigation most likely because Trump spends money like a whore and can’t pay it back. No one paid attention to the fact he left NYC and his biggest pride and joy , TRUMP TOWER but why. He owes a note that the family isn’t paying any principle on. Either they are getting ready to short sell which they won’t get their price or they will default. Trump is a personal guarantee for the loan. He is personally liable. It’s how he went bankruptcy 6 times. No one is catching this stuff. He is in debt and using American tax monies to bail himself out. All his properties are in the red.

I’m telling you to read his niece’s book, it’s not a joke. I don’t need to read it… I know about his crap

He will cheat his way into winning the next election. The only shot the Americans have is a) taking control of Congress which isn’t likely or b) war.

The Trump casino was built on mafia property with construction crews out of philly- all mafia.

So is any of this true??? I must read the book!

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