The Corona Diaries – Day 189

‘Yah yer arf you can meet up in er er no more than twenty arf arf, er er inside and sixty blah blah in a pub! So go on! yer yah yah, drink for Britain!’

‘And, what’s more yuk yuk, we’re bringing in a arf arf bally universe beating show for the kids. Yeah ummm er.  All those kids who left school, yuk arf um, without any yer yer qualifications, er er can now go back to college arf ar ar err in April and jolly well become rocket scientist!! Yep er em and architects! We’re er er going to train you. Cos, eh eh what Britain needs arf er um, is bally space technicians and jolly old architects!’

I can just see all those greasy kids flipping burgers and stacking shelves signing up. It is just possible that they did not get any qualifications for a reason. Probably they aren’t motivated or not very clever. It’s unlikely that we’re going to get the doctors, engineers and architects out of the ranks of those without any qualifications.

Is this another operation moonshot?? Heaven help us from these lunatics and their incompetent stupidity.

Today as our Covid new cases shot up to 7100 and deaths rose dramatically to 79, Johnson is talking pie in the sky baloney.

We have college students just starting courses locked in their rooms, we have schools closing right left and centre, we have track and trace failing, we have vaccine companies saying that the government is not talking to them about a mass vaccination programme, even if they produce it and they won’t be able to deliver, and our buffoon in chief is gabbing on about some expensive stupid scheme and hasn’t got a clue about the rules that he’s introduced!! He misspoke!!

He always misspoke! He’s a clown and a nincompoop.

What a bunch of tossers.

Meanwhile, in the USA, their buffoon in chief presides over another 33710 new cases and 344 deaths. Tonight he goes head to head with Biden. Bloody hell – any one of my High School students would have made mincemeat of him. He’s killed 122,000 Americans – heaven knows how many others are severely handicapped for life. He’s a racist bigot. He only represents a minority – many of whom are white supremacists or gun nuts. How hard can it be?

It has not been a good day. It was beautiful and sunny but I did not get to go for my walk. I had an emergency with my sore eye and had to spend the day in hospital with a little op. So, right now, I’m sore, fed up and frustrated.

You take care everyone!

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