Time to terminate Faith Schools and Madrassas!

Time to terminate Faith Schools and Madrassas!

Following David Cameron’s speech regarding the reason so many of our Muslim youth are turning to extreme, barbaric, violent ideology it is wise to look at the ways of solving the problem.

One of the main reasons identified for the turning to extremism was the lack of integration into British society and culture. Many Muslims felt excluded, threatened and marginalised. They did not know, accept or value the British values of tolerance, freedom and democracy. They felt themselves to be outsiders.

There is also the problem of indoctrination at a young age. Once an ideology is introduced at an age prior to the mind being able to assess its validity it is assimilated without being processed. This evil of indoctrination is pernicious.

Part of the answer is simple: shut the Faith Schools and Madrassas. We need our children growing up together with respect, tolerance and empathy. We need a shared set of values that goes across all faiths, races and creeds. We all need to buy in to the shared culture and contribute to its enrichment. We need inclusivity.

What we do not need is separation, isolation, differing values, and indoctrination.

If people are British they should be integrated. If they reject British values perhaps they should not be here. For Muslim children to be taken off after school to be indoctrinated is wrong. For Faith schools, including Hindu, Catholic and Protestant, to preach their ‘brand’ of religion to children too young to think is child abuse. It is as bad as the Creationists peddling their propaganda and distorted views to children.

Religion in schools is simply wrong!

Indoctrinating children is child abuse!

Education is a big part in the creation of shared values, integration, self-esteem, empathy, respect, thinking, civilised behaviour and a wider perspective. The evil suppression, misogyny, violence and barbaric intolerance of ISIS needs countering with a superior view of a harmonious, tolerant world.

Education builds a better zeitgeist.

I simply do not agree with the ridiculous idea that religion is somehow related to morally. I think ISIL, the Crusades, Inquisition, Pogroms and witch burning, to name a few of the atrocities carried out in the name of religion,  put pay to any attempt to equate religion with morality.


The rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism is a result of the failure of the West.

The rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism is a result of the failure of the West.

Over the course of the last century there has been unparalleled growth and prosperity. Globally science has delivered huge benefits and technology has created massive profits.

The world has never been more prosperous.

The end result of this is extreme fanaticism, war, overpopulation, poverty, misery and the destruction of the natural environment.


The reasons are very clear:

  • Inequality
  • Inequality
  • Inequality

The system of capitalism has produced winners and losers. The winners are the tiny numbers of businessmen and bankers (almost exclusively men) who have be come multimillionaires, billionaires and trillionaires, the corrupt leaders who cream off the profits, and a few ‘lucky’ individuals who joined the ‘club’ through sport, entertainment or the arts. The losers are, to various degrees, everyone else.

In the West ordinary people enjoy a good lifestyle. They formed unions and fought for social justice. They are still given as little as the ‘bosses’ think will keep them quiet in order to maximise profits.

In the Third World there is a staggering population explosion, no jobs, extreme poverty and early mortality and nothing to look forward to.

Billions of people live on the edge and yet technology now provides them with images of opulence.

People with nothing to lose don’t mind blowing themselves up. People who live in misery buy in to the pernicious philosophy that some fictitious ‘God’ will make it right for them in the end. People without hope latch on to any glimmer for a better future. They will join ISIS and fight ‘a holy war’ for hope of a better life. They are preyed on by religious and political fanatics and radicalised.

They may be in the process of being used by the leaders who seek power but for now they have brotherhood, comradeship and a cause. That’s infinitely better that misery and no hope. They can also vent their spleen against the ‘infidels’ who have ruined their lives.

The sad truth is that we have let them down.

In Britain we have not created an equal society with full integration. Around the world we have not produced a system of fairness and opportunity. We have created third class citizens and fostered the misery. We’ve waged wars, put dictators in place and bolstered up corrupt, vicious tyrannies in order to exploit them.

When the ‘Arab Spring’ happened we let them down.

Desperate people do desperate things.

I have no doubt that both ISIS and the mass migration will come to an end soon. The forces against it are too great. But they are both symptoms of the same disease. Unless we start to deal with the underlying problems of inequality and deal with the global problems of overpopulation, unemployment, war, fundamental religion, environmental degradation, poverty, corruption, pollution, and disease we are sitting on a time-bomb.

So what is stopping us?

The strings are being pulled by the billionaires who run the show and they do not care about anyone else. They are as callous and heartless as ISIS and a thousand times more destructive and vicious.

Creationism – a Fundamentalist Nonsense.

I find this blind fundamentalist view as dangerous as that of ISIS and A Qaeda. Indeed, it is the same. It is extreme and uncompromising and has no room for tolerating those with different views.

Creationists believe that:

the world was created by god in six days

Genesis is a literal truth

The Earth is less than 10,000 years old

All life is predesigned by god

Evolution does not occur

The flood created a new start and laid down all the sedimentary rocks

Fossils were implanted in rock strata by god

Carbon dating is wrong

They believe the writings of a tribe of Arabs in the Middle East thousands of years ago are the literal word of god

They believe the creation myths and writings of all other tribes are not the work of god

They believe science has got it all wrong

They probably believe in tooth fairies, Santa Claus and Easter bunnies. There is as much validity in those as the Sumerian creation myths.

These are the people who are wanting to educate our children. I find that alarming.

Education should be illuminating – not stiffling.

Education should be questioning – – not a shut book.


The Creation of Gods.

Early man looked at the heavens, seasons and nature and was awestruck by the majesty of what they saw. I am too.

They set about trying to explain these wonders with their limited minds and imagination and invented gods and religions – all religions and gods were created in line with their cultural origins and are laden with that cultural baggage (whether that be the worship of Diana, Allah, God, Odin, Inti, Amun-Ra or Rama …….).

They had no concept of evolution, planets, suns, or the extent of nature and the universe. They could not understand what created the seasons or weather changes.

Through basic psychology they created solutions and explanations in the form of creation myths, afterlives, paradises and all the rest.

Nature and the universe are amazing. Science has only scratched the surface. There is much to be understood and it is quite probable that with our limited minds we will never fully understand the creation of life or the universe. Why would we pretend such arrogance as to understand? We are little more than bacterial scum on the surface of a minor planet, stuck out on the spiral arm of a lesser galaxy amid trillions of such galaxies.

For me to explain the unknown with the invention of an even bigger unknown is just another fairy tale.

I see lots of wonder in nature, consciousness and the universe. I’ve spent my life in euphoric discovery and awe. Every tree, sunset, mountain and lake fills me with awe.

I do not see any intelligent hand at work. If there is it’s a perverse one. If the human body was designed the designer is either incompetent or vindictive. A child could do better.

We are not in the position of our ignorant forebears. We know a lot more. We know the sun is not a god and that the rituals do not make the sun rise or change the seasons. We know that weather is the result of meteorological phenomena – not rain dances.

The world and universe is full of wonder. I’ve no need to create a magical being to explain it.

I believe religion has had its day. Soon we will leave it behind. I believe it only exists because we brainwash our kids.

I do not have any issue with anyone who chooses to believe in whatever they like as long as they don’t foist it on others. I just do not believe any of it.

Jesus is alright – it’s religion that is the problem.

I was recently accused, on another site, of having a down on Jesus and saying that Jesus was a hateful nut.  I need to put that straight. I am an antitheist because I believe all religion is harmful. I believe it is manmade superstition that does a lot of harm to the psychology of humans and has been the cause of conflict, division, violence and war right down the ages.

I never said anywhere that Jesus was a nut and hateful. I say the religion of Christianity is a power game created by men (like all religions). I said the bible was the work of man written with all the baggage of the misogynistic, sexually repressed Arab culture that spawned it. I said that Jesus was an ordinary man who was the leader of a small Jewish cult. He was elevated into his current position for political reasons by actions of both St Paul and Constantine.

I have quite a lot of respect for some of the things Jesus was purported to have said (we’ll never know what he really said because it was all written down from word of mouth long after his death). What he was preaching was a compassionate, loving, caring brand of Judaism that must have been quite revolutionary for its time. Those were violent, highly conservative times. The culture was largely an oppressive theocracy. Anyone opposing it could find themselves stoned to death for blasphemy.

As such I contend that Jesus was a proto-socialist. I don’t think I find too much of what Jesus was purported to have said that I disagree with. I find tons about the Christian religion that I would disagree with.

I don’t think Jesus would have supported burning women in barrels of burning tar as witches or stoning people to death for adultery or blasphemy. I don’t think he would have been leading witch hunts, crusades against the Muslims or pogroms against the Jews. I don’t think he would have been torturing people in dungeons or burning them at the stake because they were Catholic. I don’t think Jesus would have supporting hoisting people up in cathedrals with weights dangling from them to dislocated all their joints or filling their guts with water and rolling logs over them to rupture their intestines. Or throwing captured enemy alive down a well to rot.

Or thousands of other jolly things the Christian Church has got up to over the years.

I don’t think Jesus would be walking around today with a gun or separating kids from their parents, or turning away refugees, or demonising Muslims, or supporting wars, bombing civilians, or supporting a capitalist system that benefits the top 1% and creates mass poverty, division and hatred.

I think Jesus would be supporting a more loving, compassionate attitude and a much fairer system because I believe Jesus was a proto-socialist.

I find a lot of powerful, wealthy Christians complete hypocrites who use their religion for personal gain.

It is religion that is the problem, not Jesus. I could be a follower of Jesus (as a wise man – and certainly not as a god) on social matters. What he said about sharing, giving to the poor, valuing all people and shunning violence fits well with my philosophy.

As for the rest of the man-made religion with all its violence, scaremongering and fear – I find that all too human and all too horrendous pie in the sky, control and power. It’s being used to prop up a corrupt system.

As such I don’t misrepresent Jesus.  In my opinion he was a man, an ordinary man, who made a lot of sense on a number of things and was a product of his age – nothing more.

As for the god and spiritual side of things – well that is another, very lengthy debate.

But no – I don’t believe in any representation of anything I would call god – or any afterlife that you might recognise – and certainly not heaven and hell and some vindictive being who sadistically torturers non-believers. My belief in spirituality is more akin to atomic energy and a flow, a universal harmony, that runs through everything.

The worst things about religion are the brainwashing of kids and the stultifying affect of the psychological impact of the underlying threat. Believe in this – do this – and you will be given eternal life – failure to believe or belief in the wrong god – commit a sin and you will be doomed forever to burn in hell. What a terrible thing to load on a human being. Especially when, as with the Abrahamic tradition, you load the whole thing with the Arabic misogynistic, repressive attitudes towards sex. So everyone is a sinner. We must all feel guilt and beg forgiveness or we will burn. Our sexuality is dirty and god hates it.

I believe that is an attitude that has crippled our culture.

Jesus was a Socialist!

I might not believe in god but I reckon Jesus was a real historical figure. He is mentioned (briefly) in Roman historical documents from that time as being the leader of a small Jewish cult.

However I am not so much interested in the spiritual or religious aspects of Jesus as to his politics.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus was a Socialist. He preached equality. He said that it was harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. He overturned the tables of the money lenders.

Jesus was for the ordinary working man and against the wealthy elites. He extolled people to share, to help each other, to look after the poor, needy and sick. He was a man of the people.

Jesus did not offer people opulence, luxury, power or wealth. He rejected all that when offered by the devil. He believed in justice, equality and fairness.

A man after my own heart.

If Jesus came back and preached the same message now he’d be called a commie pig and they’d find a way of killing him, of that I’m sure.

Woody Guthrie summed it up for me with his song Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ –  Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land
A hard-working man and brave
He said to the rich, “Give your money to the poor,”
But they laid Jesus Christ in His grave

Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand
His followers true and brave
One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot
Has laid Jesus Christ in His Grave

He went to the preacher, He went to the sheriff
He told them all the same
“Sell all of your jewelry and give it to the poor,”
And they laid Jesus Christ in His grave.


When Jesus come to town, all the working folks around
Believed what he did say
But the bankers and the preachers, they nailed Him on the cross,
And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.


And the people held their breath when they heard about his death
Everybody wondered why
It was the big landlord and the soldiers that they hired
To nail Jesus Christ in the sky


This song was written in New York City
Of rich man, preacher, and slave
If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee,
They would lay poor Jesus in His grave.


Pt. 2 – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle – teachings from My Granddad.

I hope you find this interesting. Typing these up is quite strange for me. It puts me back in contact with my granddad after fifty four year.

While I do not subscribe to the ideas I do find them fascinating.

I’ll type up the rest as soon as I can.

Pt. 2 – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle

If we are ever to be united in his great love we must know all sin in every roadway, in every nook or cranny, we must perceive it. Every known sin is made bare to you. It is not possible to create any further sin than that which is with you and about you now.  You cannot know all the sin in just one short life upon your earth, any more than you can claim a genius unless you have known every brother and sister. There is a continual flow of life to and from your earth, loved ones departing to new phases of experience and loved ones taking their place in the form of baby, all striving to seek new fields of life. The great laws of truth obey and fulfil the purpose of life to us all, and help us to awaken to new states of consciousness as our evolution presses steadily on. How can we ever hope to understand or perceive the Great Spirit, or his purpose, to which we are all a part, without knowing the laws that govern?

As you all progress to the different laws of evolution so our conception widens: greater understanding comes with every law. Your every pulsating, your love and life is his. If you are ever to enjoy eternal life you must begin where the Great Spirit began with you. You must pass through the gulfs of knowledge and wisdom; you must know and love your brothers and sisters; you must forgive as you are forgiven. You must be able to attune to every law. Then and then only can you hope to live in the golden light.

Granddad’s teachings – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt1

I haven’t read these things for many moons. They are certainly not my own views but they are fascinating. They kind of connect me to me Granddad who has been dead for fifty odd years.

This is part 1. There are sixteen pages – this is one and a half. I’ll type up the others as soon as I can.

I’d be interested to hear what you make of it.

Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt. 1


You must all have wondered at some time in your earthly dwelling the mystery of life.

Have you not marvelled, as you have seen life all around you, how great God must be? Perhaps you have tried to reason if the Great Spirit is really with you and if those teaching of the Holy Book are really true? Many have tried to build a picture as to what life is really for, and why, if we are children of the Great Spirit, he has isolated himself away as it sometimes appears. Maybe you are one of those who wonder why you were born to the earth, forced as you may think to be persecuted; fighting and struggling for existence does not make sense. We have heard so many times the cry of the earth. What is God doing to allow the murder of little children who have no contribution to sin? The maimed, the crippled, the deaf, dumb, the blind? What is God doing to allow it all? Yes, you have no doubt heard your brothers and sisters using thought like this and perhaps you have tried to defend it all?

Then after you have set a stream of thought flowing within yourself, rousing you greater puzzlement. It is to the many questions and gesticulating and the inability of minds to understand that I “White Eagle” try to make a way for you, remembering that there are many things with me also that are beyond understanding. There are still many laws of truth which have still to awaken in me and so open up vaults of knowledge. Yes, like you, I am a child of the Great Spirit. We are all brothers and sisters of one great family; our colours have no bearing against each other. We were all created by the Great Spirit so do his will to the freedom of our own choice and to perfect from the imperfects to his great love. It has often been expressed the mysteries are too great to understand and that you are not meant to understand them. There are many perceptions of the Great Spirit and it is to these that mysteries seem to surround you, and cause entanglement iof the mind. There is no mystery about the Great Spirit; the life within you and in everything you can vibrate brings to you all the reality, he is life, love, light and charity. Life can only be progressed in stages through the imperfections to which you all must pass.

My Grandad – a Spiritualist Healer – Granddad’s Teachings

My Grandad – a Spiritualist Healer – Granddad’s Teachings


My granddad was a spiritualist healer. There is a book written about him.

I last saw him when I was fourteen years old. I never really paid him too much attention. He used to supposedly go into a trance and talk to me in a funny voice – supposedly spirits from the spirit work – White Eagle a Native American Chief, Chan – a Chinese healer and Sparrow who was a chirpy cockney. I just thought it was weird.

I can remember White Eagle telling me that time was different in the spirit world. A year in our world was like a day in his.

Anyway, I just thought it was nuts (and still do) but I sure would like to go back and talk to him now. He supposedly wrote a number of books that were supposed to have been Edgar Wallace dictating them to him. He recited them and they were written down in short-hand and then typed up.

Unfortunately all his books and writings were burnt after his death. I would certainly like to have seen them now.

My Grandfather was an uneducated Navy Cook and Water Board meter reader. Then he became a full-time spiritualist healer.

I said a while ago that I had just one set of his teachings that had survived but I couldn’t find it.

I have since discovered it and will type up the 16 pages of it and present it here for you to read.

Medieval – a poem



Medieval customs;

Beliefs passed down from ages past.

Medieval costumes:

From the splendid to absurd.

Medieval superstition;

Posing as the rational.

From the Dark Ages

Into the darkness of thought.

Shackling our breath

To a system that counts for nought.

Medieval thoughts

From medieval minds

Masqueradinf as sense.

Medieval values

From prescientific times

From there to thence.

Mass hallucinations

Reinforcing a multitude of sins.


Opher – 28.12.2018


I wrote this a year ago for all those who follow fundamentalist religions. Their intolerance is abhorrent. Their intransigence is exclusive.

They seem stuck firmly in the ancient past. They need to move on.