What is it that the ISIS scum want to achieve with their campaign of terror?

After another week of atrocities and cowardly barbarism straight out of the stone-age we are left with a lot of questions. The initial response of all civilised people is one of anger, shock and horror at the sheer callousness of their actions. But that is nothing new. Any group of people capable of burning people alive in cages, crucifying people or the innumerable other inhuman practices is capable of anything. They are subhuman and not privy to the same standards of behaviour as the civilised world. Their tactics are to induce shock and fear, create division and hatred, and then exploit it.

ISIS want to drag the world back to a society based on life in the time of Mohamed – 1300 years ago. They want a strict adherence to customs that the rest of the world has left behind in the aptly labeled – Dark Ages. They want to either wipe out the rest of the world or impose their ridiculous customs on everyone. The fact that it is impossible to do this even if the entire 1.2 billion Muslims all shared this insane ideology and joined in is beside the point. They have been indoctrinated to believe they are carrying out god’s law as laid down in their religious book. They are prepared to die for it and believe they will die martyrs and open their eyes in paradise. There are 6.8 billion people who do not believe their lies.

ISIS is presently being battered back and is losing ground on a daily basis. You might think that if god was on their side they might be doing a bit better. Today 120 of their ‘soldiers’ were killed in a single airstrike along with one of their leaders. You could say that it is not going well for ISIS and they will, in a year or two, meet a bloody end. The leadership will be rooted out and killed and the rest will be dead or dispersed in ignominy. In their death throes they are hitting out at the soft and easy targets using criminals, the disaffected poor and the mentally ill to pull the trigger.

So what is their aim?

  • Firstly they want to generate as much fear and hatred as they can.
  • They want to create division between countries, people, religions and anyone they can divide – whether that is Jew/Muslim, Christian/Muslim or Shia/Sunni.
  • They want to foster hatred. If they can get people to react and attack immigrants they can garner a whole new bunch of recruits.
  • They want to create racism and promote isolation and distrust of immigrant communities so that they can gain more radicalised support.
  • They want a terrified population to put pressure on their governments to stop the attacks on ISIS.
  • They want an all-out war between Islam and Christianity that they can exploit.

The knifing of the poor eighty six year old priest is typical of their actions. They filmed it and will use that on social media to cause more fear, hatred and division.

What should we do? How should we react?

  • We should keep it in proportion so that the fear does not cripple us.
  • We should continue to smash ISIS into oblivion in the battle-field and take back all the land they have sequestered.
  • We should use our intelligence to root out all known sympathisers in our midst.
  • We should starve them of funds.
  • We should refuse to allow division and hatred to act as a recruitment bureau for terrorism and instead reach out to the immigrant communities and integrate them.
  • We should use education as the biggest weapon against such ignorance.
  • We should close down all religious schools immediately and start with a secular curriculum and the full integration of children.

Refuse to hate and fear! – fight terrorism in your community with love and a welcoming hand!

8 thoughts on “What is it that the ISIS scum want to achieve with their campaign of terror?

  1. You know, I think a ton of us have come to the same conclusions, but the answer that’s still elusive is “how.” How do we go about accomplishing all that when this world is running around in a panic instead of being united. I think that’s what makes it so hard and it’s why our efforts seem so ineffectual.

    1. You know Cheryl all these acts are terrible but really they are a drop in the ocean. The number killed by terrorists is tiny compared to domestic murders or road deaths. The fear is out of proportion and that is precisely what they want. They want to terrorise, induce panic and exploit division.
      The truth is that there is no way to make us completely safe. You cannot prevent someone stabbing someone with a breadknife or driving a car into a group of innocent people. Unfortunately there are going to be a lot more incidents until we a. defeat ISIS b. educate people.
      My fear is that people get the fear out of proportion, become desperate for a solution and turn to the black and white populist right-wing fascists for a solution. Those guys simplify it down, make it sound easy and give the impression that there are easy answers. People vote them in because they believe they will do something about it that the incumbent government isn’t.
      We see this surge of right-wing fascists all across Europe and in the States.
      The trouble is that there is no easy answer. The knee-jerk is to blame immigrants but as we have seen those responsible have not been immigrants; they have been home-grown.
      To deal with this problem takes time. It involves cutting off the funds, shutting down their internet grooming, rooting out the enemy within, gleaning intelligence through cooperation, integrating races instead of ostracising them, doing away with schools and institutions which separate the community and educating the children.
      We have to remove the racism, unemployment, segregation and disaffection that leads to radicalisation.
      In the meantime we will suffer a lot of over attacks I am afraid. The authorities are doing a great job preventing most but you cannot stop these sort of cowardly attacks on priests or crowds. There will always be some until we have destroyed ISIS and used education to destroy the pernicious, intolerant, stone-age ideology behind it.
      As an antitheist I suggest doing away with all religion would be a great day for humanity.

  2. I don’t think the incident will appear in social media because the 2 culprits were shot by the police outside the church.I agree with most of what you say but the situation is more complex than a straight fight between right-minded people and Islamic extremists. There are many wealthy individuals in allied states who fund these extremist organisations. The actions of the West are one of the main reasons extremist groups receive wider support from the Islamic community. The USA and the UK interfere in the running of other countries often with disastrous consequences like Bush/Blair in Iraq. How would you feel if your family were wiped out and your country destroyed by a foreign power without justification? The West inc. European Russia is also the main arms supplier which enables everyone to wield an automatic rifle & an RPG. We are equally culpable. The vast majority of people from all cultures do not seek conflict and simply want to get on with their lives. That is a positive.

    1. Some very good points there Bede. I agree with what you say. The West has stoked the situation through the wars it has undertaken. The Palestinian situation is disgusting and needs to be resolved. The arms supply and profiteering are reprehensible. I think they are making efforts to deal with the funding. There are certainly big supporters of ISIS supplying funding who live in the West and places such as Saudi and need stopping.
      As you rightly say – the vast majority of people, Muslims and Christians, just want a peaceful life. It’s a shame that a minority or warmongers, religious extremists and profiteers creates such problems and wish to stir things up for their own ends.

  3. My fear is the backlash these cowardly and dysfunctional acts will precipitate. We urgently need a non-supernatural morality that binds us all with its understanding, logic and compassion.

      1. Reading a good book at the moment called ‘Re-Enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World’ by William Ayot … will let you know how I go on with it.

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