The Republican Party’s lurch to Fascism

The Donald Trump populist movement seized on extreme nationalism as it’s core creating the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again). In many ways it paralleled Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats while Trump used immigrants and Muslims. Hitler used his Brown Shirt bully boys to intimidate and cause fear. Trump is deploying his MAGA mob. Hitler rose to power with a minority but caused such fear that people were afraid to speak out – just like what is happening in the USA today.

I think the party has to make a painful decision. Does it continue down the path of the Trump cult – a path of extremism, fascism and racist white supremacy or does it pull back and base its values on those espoused by Abraham Lincoln – honesty, decency and conservative values.

The Trumpist MAGA FascistsAbraham Lincoln conservatives
Conspiracy theories Lies Threats, intimidation and violence Neo-Nazis White Supremacists Fascist Proud Boys Extreme nationalismTruth and honesty Conservative values Decency Small government Low taxes Free market capitalism

Personally I think the Republican values stink in any form but the lurch to the extreme right and undermining of the whole democratic process is utterly repugnant. It’s a new all-time low.

If they continue down the Trump route I reckon they will trigger a civil war.

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