The Corona Diaries – Day 328

It’s still bitterly cold here in Yorkshire but hares are running in the snow covered fields!

I walked up my hill todays avoiding the sheets of glassy ice! I can do without a broken arm.

All the way up and down there is the sound of gunshots and I found myself calculating just how many creatures are being killed in the course of a year. It’s a lot. Some is too many, lots is disgusting.

Tomorrow is going to be warmer!!! I hope so!

Back home I’ve been playing some Jackson Browne and doing some more editing. I’ve now cpompleted all the necessary editing and am just having a final read through before sending it in for publishing.

This afternoon I’m going to light the woodburner and set down to watch the football and have a beer or two.

It’s valentine day. I couldn’t take Liz out for a meal so I’ve ordered one in. I’m taking Liz in for a meal.

Meanwhile – out in Coronaland progress is slow. We have, thanks to the magnificent NHS, now vaccinated 15 million of the most vulnerable people (including myself!) but the new infection rate is still high – 13,307 new cases yesterday and the death-rate is much too high – another 621 deaths. That is shocking.

New Zealand and Vietnam still only have a handful of new cases and still no deaths for months now!!

Here the Tories are torn apart. There are the group who put the economy first and want all lockdown restrictions eased regardless of how many that kills, and there are the group who are listening to the scientists and urging caution. Who will win.

In the States the Republican party is also torn apart. Their acquitting of Trump shows a moral bankruptcy. Not they have become the Fascist wing of Trumpism. No hope to be found there. Law and order, decency and democracy no longer count. It is the age of the MAGA fascist boot boys.

A lot of people are asking if I had any side-effects from the vaccine. My arm was a tiny bit sore the next day. Apart from that the only other effect I’ve had is this tiny voice in my head urging me to go and buy things on Amazon and another tiny voice reporting on what I am doing every second of the day. I now Love Boris Johnson and think that he and his government are doing a great job – I can’t think why, prevaccination, I thought they were doing so badly. I must tell you about all the wonderful purchases I’ve made recently!

Stay safe everyone at least I’m not an alien lizard! (Or am I?)

10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 328

    1. Why would every post deal with the holocaust?
      I might do a post about the way stereotyping people creates demonisation and racism – the ingredients that led to the holocaust in the first place. No human beings are subhuman. Once you start thinking that you become a nazi.

      1. Stereotyping nonense. The Nazis did that! The UK fought against the Nazis, gave refuge to Jews and liberated concentration camps. Your stereotyping and language is racist.

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