What the Country Needs!

What the country needs is competent government – not self-serving, lying scum lining their own pockets.

Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

There is a big selfish movement around – centred around this populist movement.

It is evil.

It is fanatical.

It is extreme.

It is selfish.

It is egocentric.

It is aggressive and violent.

It wishes to impose it’s own view on others.

You shall all think like me, believe in what I believe and act how I want you to act.

I want my freedom.

I don’t care how that impacts on you.

I want my guns.

I want to intimidate.

I want rid of abortion.

I believe in Jesus so you must.

I am pro-life – against abortion – but I reserve the right to kill you with my gun.

You have no rights if you don’t think like me.

The Impeachment Of Trump

Lol – the vote went as predicted. The Republicans are in a downward nosedive completely lacking in morality.

What does it actually take to find someone guilty?

The repeated spreading of conspiracy theories and lies?

The incitements of mobs to invade the Capitol with a view to lynching politicians?

Incitement to overthrow a democratic election?

The death of a number of people?

The violent ransacking of the seat of government?

The sowing of division and hatred?

Obviously we need more than that!!!!

I wonder.

I wonder how many Republicans voted against impeachment out of fear for their own safety and the safety of their families?

I wonder how many Republicans voted against impeachment out of fear of not being re-elected?

I wonder how many Republicans voted out of cowardice?

I wonder how many Republicans votes out of greed and lust for power?

And I wonder how many Republicans voted because they really believed Trump was innocent?

Now, as Mitch McConnell said, it’s down to the courts to show more integrity, to have more balls, to stand up to the mob, and to bring the full force of the law down on the wrongdoers.

We’re all in it together!

Wasn’t that the slogan thought up by Cameron and Osborne?

A snappy little slogan too! It said we all had to tighten our belts because the country could not afford to pay everyone what they were being paid. We were living beyond our means.

This year George Osborne’s income has been in excess of £2,000,000 (£165,000 from Blackrock, approaching £2,000,000 from lectures, £85,000 for being an MP and undisclosed amount from being appointed editor of the Evening Standard.

David Cameron’s earning are not available but I know he is converting a shed in order to write his memoires – I wonder how much for?

So while nurses have to use food banks and all public sector workers have had pay and pensions slashed, the superrich have doubled their income and the politicians are creaming it in.

We’re all in it together? Well most of us are in the poo together!

Poetry – The Honours list – Gongs – a poem of anger at the injustice.


The honours list has been leaked – a long list of arrogant elitism, as a series of people are rewarded for their ‘service to the public’. The honours list is a gift of the Prime Minister.

Day in and day out for decade after decade dedicated workers serve their community.

People search down motorways to gather the body parts, crawl through sewers to remove blockages, frantically use their skills to staunch blood and save lives in A&Es, knock on doors to offer support, use their skills to save children from abuse, face down dangerous drunks with only the strength of their experience, man phones to assist the disturbed, tramp the streets picking up garbage, put their arms round those in distress, thoroughly clean wards to prevent disease, cheerfully answer phones, wade through shit in sewage farms, teach recalcitrant children to give them a future, Climbing up ladders into the flames, drive and drive and drive to put food on the table for their kids, clean endless bottoms for the elderly and infirm, provide the smiles and cheer, arrest the criminals, look after the dangerous mentally disturbed, comfort the bereaved, talk down the suicides, track down the psychopaths, study the porn to hunt and arrest the abusers, help and give and give and give.

Week in, week out, over decades, ordinary people give of themselves ceaselessly and go that extra mile, stay behind to give above and beyond. Year after year they wearily go home drained and traumatised by their experience, in tears, having given their all.

Holding the dying child’s hand, volunteering for that extra hour, giving of themselves for others, doing all the dirty, smelly work that nobody else wants to do; bravely doing the dangerous work that nobody else would do.

Forty years of ceaseless giving, caring, and contributing to the community for little pay and little recognition.

Yet it is the well-paid politicians, the donors and undeserving who receive the honours.

The selfless, ordinary people who burn themselves out through decades are retired with a lousy pension. Who watch silently while the hair-stylist receives their reward.



Thirty nine years in service to the community

Where’s my gong? My MBE?

Where are the teachers, the nurses

Or the refuse collectors

In this honours list?

The police, the social workers

The sewage workers –

Don’t they exist?

Knighthoods and dames

For hair stylists and friends;

The donors and sycophants

And those who buck the trends.

But the real workers

Are all passed by,

In favour of supporters

Rewarded for catching the PM’s eye.


Opher – 1.8.2016