Employ more Police

Employ more Police

They’d better employ more police

                Cos we’ve got nothing to lose;

We’ll have to fight back.

It’s a divided world,

                Giving us the blues,

Gotta give these politicians the sack.

Which side are they on?

                It’s us that vote them in!

A bunch of self-serving liars!

Two-faced and deceitful;

                Promises ooze out of their skin.

Supported by the shires.

We can see who they represent

                As the rich get ever richer;

The poor starve and freeze.

Superyachts and dirty slums,

                Yes we get the picture.

Time to get off our knees.

Yet time and time again we vote them in

                As they tell us one thing, then do another

Siphoning the cash in one direction.

Time to kick them all out!

                To look out for our brother

And start the insurrection!!

Opher 29.7.2022

They promise the earth and always do the same – look after themselves and the rest of the elite.

So the Tories tell us that it’s global factors beyond their control as their assembly line churns out billionaires and paupers.

The rich have never had it so good – the cash is flooding in. The poor have never had it so bad, huddled in the cold, eating from food banks.

Always nothing to do with the government – factors beyond their control.

Unfairness and inequality rules.

People are fools.

They still love Boris though they can see he’s a self-serving lying conman. They still love Trump though he’s taken everything he can and given billions to his chums. They still support a system that creates billionaires at the expense of death and poverty.

While a tiny elite gather in more than they could ever need the vast majority scratch a living out of what’s left. They give us just enough to keep us quiet.

But the gap is growing, yawning, widening as the poor are squeezed and the rich become bloated beyond reason.

This is the system they are selling us. It’s called capitalism.

They tell us there is no choice. The media scream it.

Socialism never works. Fairness and equality is failure. The poor deserve to be poor and the rich deserve to be rich. It’s for the best.

They dangle the impossible carrot that you can be like them! It’s a lie! Who would want to be? It’s immoral. It’s disgusting. You’d need to be a monster to know that you are responsible for mass suffering.

So as the wealthy, greedy bastards ransack the planet, destroy the forests for profit, rape the seas and sell us their baubles, we pick up the bill.

Equality and fairness are a dream.

Time to rebel!!



I’ve been studying justice.

It’s been hard.

I could not find too much of it.

I looked in the courts

But it wasn’t to be found –

Only the tiniest bit.

I searched the battlefields.

There was none.

All lost in the fog of true grit.

I hunted for it on the streets,

Searched high and low

Justice had taken a hit.

It seems we don’t value justice

We have no wish to be fair.

We’re happy to tolerate poverty

And injustice everywhere.

Justice is just for the rich.

They make sure they get their share.

Opher – 11.4.2021

The courts do not dispense justice. They undergo procedure according to the law. It very much depends on how good a barrister you can afford. The courts protect the state. They require scapegoats as deterrents.

Violence in war, by tyrants, by gangs, by the authorities, overrides all justice.

We live in a world of our own design. We have created massive inequality, exploitation and poverty.

These things have not come about by chance. They were designed.

The powerful choose injustice, unfairness and selfishness. They think they deserve it.

The Good Law Project – Why did the Metropolitan Police fail to investigate Boris Johnson who was present at the Three Gatherings? One rule for them – another for the minions?

It appears to be a travesty of justice that the police investigated and fined the low-grade civil servants but did not serve questionnaires and investigate Johnson and higher grade civil servants.

Is there one rule for the higher-ups and another for the rest of us?

Is the law being applied fairly?

Are the lower-grade civil servants being sacrificed to protect those higher up?

Has pressure been put on the police?

Are they all in the Masons?

Here is what the Good Law Project had to say:


The Metropolitan Police investigated the various gatherings – we use a neutral expression – around 10 Downing Street during the pandemic lockdown by sending questionnaires to suspected attendees.

Our interest is in three such gatherings:

On 13 November 2020, a gathering in No. 10 on the departure of a special adviser (understood to be the former Downing Street Director of Communications)

On 17 December 2020, a gathering in the Cabinet Office on the departure of a senior Cabinet Office official (understood to be a defence advisor)

On 14 January 2021, a gathering at No. 10 on the departure of two No. 10 private secretaries.

Together, these are known as the “Three Gatherings”.

It is reported that the Prime Minister did not receive questionnaires in respect of the Three Gatherings despite evidence that he attended them. Other attendees did receive questionnaires. We do not understand the decision to investigate some attendees but not the Prime Minister.

Attendees at the Three Gatherings who received questionnaires were fined for attending them. We do not understand the decision to fine some attendees but not the Prime Minister. As we understand the law, if a gathering was prohibited it follows that all who participated in it committed an offence.

We can see no basis for holding junior civil servants to a higher standard than the Prime Minister. And that is why we – former senior police officer Lord Brian Paddick and Good Law Project – have taken the first formal step in further judicial review proceedings against the Metropolitan Police.

We invite the Met to confirm it will rectify its failures to investigate the Prime Minister’s participation in the Three Gatherings, or provide us with its reasons so we can assess the lawfulness of its refusal. Unless it does, and we have given it 14 days to comply, we will begin further judicial review proceedings.

Lord Paddick: “If the Met is to avoid further deterioration in public trust and confidence, they must explain why they failed to even question the Prime Minister about his attendance at these events. We are simply asking the Met to either explain or investigate further, and if necessary we will ask the Courts to force the Met to do so.”

It was only after Good Law Project began judicial review proceedings in January that the Met agreed to investigate at all. And we will not hesitate to commence further proceedings to ensure it investigates them properly.

For the rule of law to operate it must operate fairly, without favour to the powerful. We will do what we can to ensure it does.

Thank you,

Jo Maugham – Good Law Project

Fair Taxation

Fair Taxation

Close the loopholes, don’t be lax
Graduate the income tax
The economy will have a bounce
Just from taxing the off-shore accounts

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Everyone should be aware
Ensure fat cats pay their share
For fairness in the economy
We need greater equality.

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

So politicians do what’s right

Graduate the tax tonight.

The whole country will cheer

If those loopholes disappear!

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Opher & Bumba 17.1.2017

With A/I creating greater and greater inequality the world is either going to move into a situation where there is no employment and most of humanity is in hopelessly languishing in desperate misery while a small elite have more money than they can possibly deal with, or we find a way forward.

Without fair taxation there is a future of mass migration, war and hate.

There will be violent revolution.

It’s already happening.

Poetry – Fat Cats

Fat Cats

The fat cats are fat and are just getting fatter,

Licking up cream straight from the pot.

They’re skimming it off from those at the bottom;

Taking from those who don’t have a lot.

They think we won’t notice as they squirrel away,

On yachts and penthouses and a Bugatti or two

But we see what they’re doing and we’re not amused,

As they offer us menial jobs in the crew!

We can clean out their toilets and drive them around,

Care for their children or wash up their dishes,

On next to no pay, and don’t say a word,

As we live day to day on promises and wishes.

The fat cats deserve every penny they ‘earn’

Gambling our money, without a risk of their own.

They chortle and dine within the clubs they frequent

And gloat – but we mustn’t moan.

They have their huge pay cheques and jolly fat bonus

As the fat cats are fat and just getting fatter.

Necking their bubbly and dining in style!

Isn’t it time we spent money on things that matter!!

Opher – 7.7.2019

There’s a great injustice in the world. Those who work hardest end up with the least. There’s not enough money for our schools and hospitals and we can’t waste money on the scroungers, can we? Yet there’s plenty of money for gambling and banking – for those who contribute nothing.

Poetry – Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The children are dying of cancer!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The elephants are being wiped out!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The homeless are freezing to death!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Starving children are going without!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

There’s a catastrophe in Haiti!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The forests are being chopped down !

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

We’re being swamped with refugees!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Global warming will make us all drown!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Women are being battered!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Whales are being slaughtered again!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The wars are creating more orphans!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Babies are in so much pain!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Where does this misery end?

My money is such a pitiful drop?

Who is causing all this misery?

When will it ever stop?

Opher – 29.9.2021

The answer is very simple.

The misery is a direct result of how we human beings organise ourselves.

Nothing more.

We choose this!

We choose to allow a small minority to retain most of the world’s wealth instead of distributing it more fairly.

We choose to allow people to destroy the animals, chop down the forests and pollute for profit.

We choose to tolerate cruelty, violence, war, victimisation and poverty.

It does not have to be like that.

We could choose to live differently.

There is enough wealth and sufficient resources for everyone to have a good standard of living.

We could live sustainably without ransacking the planet and killing everything.

We could put an end to poverty, violence and war.

We choose not to.

We elect megalomaniacs, sociopaths and psychopaths.

We aspire to be part of that greedy, selfish elite.

It could be so very different.

What pisses me off!

This came through from John Peachey. It seemed to sum up my feelings. Inequality has gone nuts! Arrogance rules!!

‘What pisses me off is the people who do the shitty nasty messy jobs like wiping bottoms in hospitals get paid peanuts while the privileged, cushy, sit-around-chatting-all-day drinking champagne types store up millions in their offshore accounts and contribute nothing to the economy. They would argue that they provide the work for the peasants but it is long overdue that a balance was restored. ‘Restored’? It’s always been this way. We’re long overdue a revolution!’

Social Care and broken promises.

We will fix Social Care once and for all with a plan we already have.

a. There was no plan.

b. There still is no plan

c. He is taxing the poor and pensioners to pay for a botch

Instead of taxing the wealthy, who have had an absolute bonanza this last two years; instead of stuffing up the tax loopholes and stopping the exodus of money to the Cayman Islands tax free, he is making those he has been imposing pay cuts and austerity on pay.

Tories – from the rich and for the rich!!


No raising of taxes

No taking the triple lock off pensions