Poetry – Fat Cats

Fat Cats

The fat cats are fat and are just getting fatter,

Licking up cream straight from the pot.

They’re skimming it off from those at the bottom;

Taking from those who don’t have a lot.

They think we won’t notice as they squirrel away,

On yachts and penthouses and a Bugatti or two

But we see what they’re doing and we’re not amused,

As they offer us menial jobs in the crew!

We can clean out their toilets and drive them around,

Care for their children or wash up their dishes,

On next to no pay, and don’t say a word,

As we live day to day on promises and wishes.

The fat cats deserve every penny they ‘earn’

Gambling our money, without a risk of their own.

They chortle and dine within the clubs they frequent

And gloat – but we mustn’t moan.

They have their huge pay cheques and jolly fat bonus

As the fat cats are fat and just getting fatter.

Necking their bubbly and dining in style!

Isn’t it time we spent money on things that matter!!

Opher – 7.7.2019

There’s a great injustice in the world. Those who work hardest end up with the least. There’s not enough money for our schools and hospitals and we can’t waste money on the scroungers, can we? Yet there’s plenty of money for gambling and banking – for those who contribute nothing.

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