Fair Taxation

Fair Taxation

Close the loopholes, don’t be lax
Graduate the income tax
The economy will have a bounce
Just from taxing the off-shore accounts

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Everyone should be aware
Ensure fat cats pay their share
For fairness in the economy
We need greater equality.

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

So politicians do what’s right

Graduate the tax tonight.

The whole country will cheer

If those loopholes disappear!

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Opher & Bumba 17.1.2017

With A/I creating greater and greater inequality the world is either going to move into a situation where there is no employment and most of humanity is in hopelessly languishing in desperate misery while a small elite have more money than they can possibly deal with, or we find a way forward.

Without fair taxation there is a future of mass migration, war and hate.

There will be violent revolution.

It’s already happening.

Tax loopholes – Why don’t they close them??

Only the poor pay taxes.

The wealthy chose to use Green Cards or Non Dom status and a hundred other loopholes. They stash millions away in the Cayman Islands without paying a penny.

Sportspeople, actors, politicians and wealthy businessmen and bankers get away without paying a penny why those on subsistence salaries are forced to pay every penny.

Who is the whole dirty system running for??

Poetry – Bribes and Lies

Bribes and Lies

Bribes and lies,

Hype and bravado,

More Bosch

Than they’ve got in the Prado.

Divided in hate,

Stoking the fire,

Populist tyrant

Thrown in the mire.

Democracy ditched

In a torrid coup

As Cummings’ thugs

Dissolve the glue.

General election

Or Brexit extension

As austerity crisis

Gets hardly a mention.

They think we’ll forget

The savage Tory cuts

As they sink the economy

And the country shuts.

Opher 4.9.2019

How do the Tories manage to persuade a substantial segment of the population to vote for them when they manifestly do not represent the interests of those people? Do they think everyone forgets the years when they have hammered both the poor and public services while giving tax cuts to the wealthy?

Paradise for the Rich?? Purgatory for the Poor???

The leaking of the Paradise Papers sheds light on what we already know.

They clearly demonstrate the full extent of the scam being carried out by the rich elite. 13.4 million documents from a variety of off-shore tax havens in Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Cook Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Labuan, Lebanon, Malta, the Marshall Islands, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu, clearly demonstrates the extent of the problem. This is not small time.

The rich and powerful are secretly hoarding away their ill-gotten gains in tax havens abroad in order to avoid paying tax. And you know what the worst part of it is – this is legal!!!

Despite all the austerity programmes and massive cuts: despite the millions on the bread-line, cuts in welfare and for the disabled; despite the underfunding of schools and the NHS, the underfunding of care-homes for the elderly and services for communities, it is still alright for the rich to get pay rises, tax breaks and find tax loopholes. Even the Queen is squirrelling away 10 Million.

I find it obscene. But we have become used to it haven’t we?

We live in a country where our tax forms are scrutinised to ensure we pay every penny and have to justify every pound of income. Where the media shriek about a few people who have benefit fraud and are robbing the tax payers of thousands. Yet the rich are legally robbing the tax payers of billions.

That money that they are taking abroad should be properly taxed and invested in the countries it was ‘earned’ in (I use that term loosely). What these people are doing is criminal!! They should be made to pay!!!

How many more times are governments going to promise to seal these loopholes?? They do nothing. The rich and powerful can do what they like. There is one rule for one and another for the rest of us.

The rich and powerful are robbing us blind!!