Tax loopholes – Why don’t they close them??

Only the poor pay taxes.

The wealthy chose to use Green Cards or Non Dom status and a hundred other loopholes. They stash millions away in the Cayman Islands without paying a penny.

Sportspeople, actors, politicians and wealthy businessmen and bankers get away without paying a penny why those on subsistence salaries are forced to pay every penny.

Who is the whole dirty system running for??

6 thoughts on “Tax loopholes – Why don’t they close them??

  1. Wait, she paid just $342? The most I ever made in America was around $60,000 [by working 10 hours days instead of 8]. That year I paid over 30% in taxes, and over $20,000. Meanwhile I was paying a few hundred a month on my student loan interest, and was a full-time temp.

    1. I can’t verify the figures. They were sent through to me. She wasn’t working much though – only part-time – probably didn’t get much past the threshold for tax.

      1. That sound about right. That year when I worked 50 hours a week I ended up making less than when I worked 40 a week, because the extra work kicked up to a super high tax bracket. Meanwhile I lived better in China making about $6,000 a year, or 1/10th as much. They didn’t tax me.

      2. Everything is relative. It’s the ones that get away with earning masses and paying nothing that get me. There’s no justice!

      3. Yeah. Who really pays the taxes is the middle class in my anecdotal experience. Paying over 30% of my income was ridiculous. And the difference is, when you pay that much and you’re “middle class”, it’s coming out of your essential money. But if a billionaire paid >30% taxes, it would all be disposable income.

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