Poetry – Bribes and Lies

Bribes and Lies

Bribes and lies,

Hype and bravado,

More Bosch

Than they’ve got in the Prado.

Divided in hate,

Stoking the fire,

Populist tyrant

Thrown in the mire.

Democracy ditched

In a torrid coup

As Cummings’ thugs

Dissolve the glue.

General election

Or Brexit extension

As austerity crisis

Gets hardly a mention.

They think we’ll forget

The savage Tory cuts

As they sink the economy

And the country shuts.

Opher 4.9.2019

How do the Tories manage to persuade a substantial segment of the population to vote for them when they manifestly do not represent the interests of those people? Do they think everyone forgets the years when they have hammered both the poor and public services while giving tax cuts to the wealthy?

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