We’re all in it together!

Wasn’t that the slogan thought up by Cameron and Osborne?

A snappy little slogan too! It said we all had to tighten our belts because the country could not afford to pay everyone what they were being paid. We were living beyond our means.

This year George Osborne’s income has been in excess of £2,000,000 (£165,000 from Blackrock, approaching £2,000,000 from lectures, £85,000 for being an MP and undisclosed amount from being appointed editor of the Evening Standard.

David Cameron’s earning are not available but I know he is converting a shed in order to write his memoires – I wonder how much for?

So while nurses have to use food banks and all public sector workers have had pay and pensions slashed, the superrich have doubled their income and the politicians are creaming it in.

We’re all in it together? Well most of us are in the poo together!

8 thoughts on “We’re all in it together!

  1. It’s so sad how people can do such horrible things to the poor just because they don’t have enough money and power to defend themselves. Stuff like this happens a lot in Kenya too and it’s so sad how many people suffer.

    1. Thoughtless greed and avarice rules. The rich and powerful organise it to suit themselves. I’ve seen some sights. There is madness at work.

      1. They are so selfish and irresponsible too. They don’t care how much suffering they cause or what they trash. They are busy trashing the planet. They need stopping.

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