Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

There is a big selfish movement around – centred around this populist movement.

It is evil.

It is fanatical.

It is extreme.

It is selfish.

It is egocentric.

It is aggressive and violent.

It wishes to impose it’s own view on others.

You shall all think like me, believe in what I believe and act how I want you to act.

I want my freedom.

I don’t care how that impacts on you.

I want my guns.

I want to intimidate.

I want rid of abortion.

I believe in Jesus so you must.

I am pro-life – against abortion – but I reserve the right to kill you with my gun.

You have no rights if you don’t think like me.

3 thoughts on “Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

  1. Looking at that photo makes me laugh, i really don’t think a baby chooses to be any of those things, for example how can a baby choose to be poor or black or a transvestite. Thats not how it works lol lol before people go to a rally with a poster like that, I really think they should get a education first, lol lol people who so dumb lol

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