The benefits of Brexit!

The main benefit is that Rees-Mogg, among others, made millions out of it!

Benefit number two is that it managed to get a bunch of inept ultranationalists elected with a whacking 80 seat majority so they can do what they like and make loadsa money.

Benefit number three is that it enabled the loony right to completely take over the Tory Party and oust all the moderates so that they were unopposed.

Apart from that there are no benefits. All those easy trade deals never materialised. It’s costing us £37 million a year and all the fears about trade and firms leaving the country came true. All the higher costs, red tape, tariffs and destabilisation of the UK came true. All the shortages of labour, delays, long queues, loss of freedoms and subsequent price rises came true.

We took back control from the EU and handed it to a bunch of rabid, lying, corrupt, overprivileged, overgrown Eton schoolboys who are buggering everything up while profiting greatly!

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