Is it better to mindlessly ignore the corruption, lies and disinformation?

Perhaps life would be easier if one wasn’t so aware of how we were being manipulated, the gross corruption and inequality? My emotional mood would be far more serene if I simply blotted out the lies and the way we are being robbed.

But I can’t stand the way our public services are being cut, our taxes rise and people are being treated as idiots. The poor are being made scapegoats so that the wealthy can be rewarded with more than they can possibly need.

It infuriates me that the poor have their pay and benefits cut while the tax loopholes are left gaping for the wealthy to stuff millions abroad and avoid paying a penny.

The hypocrisy and lies make my blood boil.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I was stupid, uninformed and either believed or ignored the propaganda?

But who wants an easy life?

Surely integrity, fairness and justice are worth fighting for?

Surely we must stand against this slide into fascism?

2 thoughts on “Is it better to mindlessly ignore the corruption, lies and disinformation?

  1. I often think that we could make a paradise of this Earth if we wanted to. We have the technology and resources. Of course, it wouldn’t be perfect and horrible things would still happen to good people, but we’d have a beautiful environment, and a much higher standard of living all around. But, instead, history keeps repeating itself and the majority is sacrificed for the extravagance of the few, far beyond anything they could use in scores of lifetimes. That said, the fascism you speak of is in any extreme, and a healthy society is a balance of liberal and conservative views. Those that seek to persecute and censor their rivals are, at any point, the ones slipping into fascism. People tend to miss this point. It’s like stepping into traffic, you have to look both ways. Anyone who gets power tends to abuse it for selfish reasons, no matter what they said they were about before they took hold of “my precious”.

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