Is it better to mindlessly ignore the corruption, lies and disinformation?

Perhaps life would be easier if one wasn’t so aware of how we were being manipulated, the gross corruption and inequality? My emotional mood would be far more serene if I simply blotted out the lies and the way we are being robbed.

But I can’t stand the way our public services are being cut, our taxes rise and people are being treated as idiots. The poor are being made scapegoats so that the wealthy can be rewarded with more than they can possibly need.

It infuriates me that the poor have their pay and benefits cut while the tax loopholes are left gaping for the wealthy to stuff millions abroad and avoid paying a penny.

The hypocrisy and lies make my blood boil.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I was stupid, uninformed and either believed or ignored the propaganda?

But who wants an easy life?

Surely integrity, fairness and justice are worth fighting for?

Surely we must stand against this slide into fascism?

Poetry – Vote For Lies

Vote For Lies

Vote for corruption.

Vote for sleaze.

Vote for the clown

Who brought the country to its knees.

Vote for greed.

Vote for laziness.

Vote for ineptitude

And the whole stinking mess.

Vote for the Tories;

The profiteering liars.

Vote for entitlement

And arrogance from the shires.

Vote for Boris Johnson

The leader of fools!

A nasty little conman

Who breaks all the rules!

Opher – 31.1.2022

I watched the debacle in the House of Commons today with a feeling of anger, shame and frustration.

I am furious at the arrogance of this bunch of Tories who think they are above the very laws that they themselves set.

I feel ashamed of what they have done to the country and trampled on laws and people. They have treated us like fools.

I am frustrated that so many stupid poor people have been so gullible that they’ve been taken in by this lying, arrogant conman and the silly clown persona he puts on. They’ll likely vote for this ruthless liar and the profiteering over-privileged profiteers he represents.

Poetry – Mother of Parliament

Mother of Parliament

Mother of parliament

Shut down

By the father of lies.

A duplicitous leader

Seeking power

Despite all the cries!

Bluster and optimism

Does nothing

To win the great prize.

It’s all about power

And wealth

No matter who dies!

Opher – 28.9.2019

Johnson’s attempted proroguing of parliament was a blatant attempt to put himself above the law.

The man is deluded. He obviously believes that if he blusters enough it will all happen the way he wants it to happen.

Life is not like that.