Opher Goodwin the Writer.

For all the new followers of my blog I thought it might be an idea to give you a brief introduction to myself as a writer.

Back in 1971 I found myself in the heart of the London Underground scene, revelling in the music and culture, surrounded by a mass of friends, immersed in a hundred and one activities and exploring a universe of possibilities. Life seemed to be one discovery after another. I was reading avidly, listening to music, visiting art galleries and theatre, consuming films, hitch-hiking around and travelling the world. One amazing gig seemed to follow hard on the heels of another – Son House, Roy Harper, Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart, Doors, Stones, Muddy Waters…………… the list was endless. On top of that I was in love with a beautiful girl. Everything seemed perfect.

It was a very rich bed of experience.

At the time I was meant to be studying for a degree in Zoology but that was rather overshadowed by the rich texture of possibility.

By 1971 I had a wealth of experience and a head bursting with ideas coupled with a desire for a creative outlet. I set about writing.

My first endeavours were more enthusiasm than skill but I persevered! I never stopped and now have amassed a body of work.

Few genres are immune to my attack. I think I might even have invented a genre or two! I certainly do not restrict myself. If something stirs my interest and creative juices I give full vent (probably my downfall).

As I developed a career in education and brought up a family I still made time for writing.

I’m still doing it!

I suppose that I have two main genres that I work in – Science Fiction and Rock Music.

I mainly write my Science Fiction under the pen name of Ron Forsythe.

You can check out my Sci-Fi output either here:

or here:

My main Rock Books are on Roy Harper, Nick Harper, Captain Beefheart plus a memoir entitled ‘In Search of Captain Beefheart’. They can be found here:

As you may see – there are a number of other tomes on the environment, antitheism, art, beat poetry, weird novel, collected anecdotes and stories and other weird stuff. So far I’ve enjoyed every minute and I hope there’s a lot more to come!

I’m open to questions or enquiries and really do appreciate a ‘like’ and become ecstatic reading new reviews.

All the best

Opher xx

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