Freedom to cause hate, division and bully those who are weaker! What this world needs is more racism and nastiness!!

Elon Musk thinks that there’s not enough violence!! Let’s ratchet up the bullying!! What the world needs now is more fascism!!

Come on – bully your neighbours!! Stir up race hate!! Let’s have some good old-fashioned lynchings!!

Get Exit Done!!

We kinda knew it would get very nasty. This is the populist Trump theory of politics – create conspiracy, fight dirty, lie, throw smears, make up things, never back down, inflame the fascists, stir up the hornets.

Who cares about morality, truth, democracy. It’s about money and power.

Get the fuck out of here you lying piece of over-privileged shit!!

Poetry – Let’s build a massive bonfire!

Let’s build a massive bonfire!

Let’s build a massive bonfire and incinerate all that’s good.

Let’s start with collaboration. It never worked the way it should!

Chuck out partnership. Who needs to work with you?

I want to do what I like. Nothing less will do!

We could ignite it with the heat of truth –

Say what you like – who needs proof?

Stoke it up with compassion and fuel it with love.

I want to watch those flames lick so high above.

We’ll chuck in a helping hand and throw in tolerance.

Forging hate and ignorance as we watch the firestorm dance.

Yes – let’s build a big bonfire and incinerate all that’s nice!

It’s a world of dog eats dog where life’s a roll of dice.

We’ll live for cold cash and stab everyone in the back.

We’ll form our own tribe! You’re on your own – Jack!

We’ll burn down the forests. Who cares about the planet?

And dig up the national parks. As for opposition – we’ll ban it!

So let’s build a massive conflagration and get back to naked hate!

We’re in danger of creating too nice a world.

Let’s destroy it before it’s too late!

Opher – 11.10.2019

I wrote this in response to the despicable rise of nationalism, the far right, Neo-Nazi’s, populism and elitism.

I wrote this in response to Trump, Brexit, Johnson and Bolsonaro. These are the greedy, selfish fools who, for their own gain and lust for power and wealth are prepared to destroy all that is good.

They are throwing away collaboration, partnership and environmental responsibility for a world of isolation, hate and violence.

They are putting decades of peace at risk. They are stoking up hate and division for personal gain. They are slaughtering animals and flattening forests for short-term profit. All that matters in their world is themselves, cash and power.

Their vision is isolation, desolation and destruction.

There’s so much more to life than money.

Power creates tyrants.