Poetry – Searching for Paradise

Searching for Paradise

I’ve been searching for paradise.

Under a blue sky with warming sun

I’ve hunted for where it might be.

I’ve asked my many friends;

Travelled over green hills and mountain peaks,

And through many a grove of trees.

Taking my love by the hand

We’ve wandered through magnificent lands

In the hopes that we might see.

I’ve read a thousand books

And heard a million heart-warming tales

With which I thoroughly agree.

I’ve looked through microscopes and telescopes

At crystals and planets,

Magnificently huge and exceptionally twee;

I’ve studied multitudes of wondrous creatures,

Beautiful blossoms,

And many a restless sea.

I’ve read gurus, poets and philosophers

But none of them agree

So I’ve come to accept that what will be, will be.

I think that finally,

I’ve come to understand

That paradise

Is always close at hand.


Isn’t this life wonderful?? It has such a range of wonderful experience.

All we can do is dive in and sample it all, lap it up and try the full gamut.

Why limit yourself?

Launch yourself at everything!

Search for what is important.

Search for beauty.

Search for love. It’s all out there!

Poetry – Late at Night

Late at Night

Late at night

We cuddle up close

I slip my arm around you

And we share our warmth and softness.

Under the covers,

Secure within our cocoon,

While outside

The cold and dark

Are thwarted.


The love and companionship of a long relationship where two people are secure with each other is bliss.

It is a place where wounds are healed, strength is returned and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Poetry – Light and warmth from many summers given and gone

Light and warmth from many summers given and gone

Today I collected the last of the twigs,

Sufficient for one more evening.

I scavenged the ground for enough

To provide one final fire.

Tonight I will stare at the flame

As it releases the work

Of many decades of labour.

The wood will shine one last time.

In beauty it stood proud

And would now have been

In blossom like a pink

Wedding of bloom.

In summer its green leaves

Would have sighed under blue skies

And hidden the ugliness

Of brick and tile beyond.

Its fruit would have

Briefly hung in rich profusion

Before providing rich pickings

For the birds and ne’er a one for me.

And as it releases the

Light and warmth of all those

Years of sun into my home,

I will think of it once more,

And in my heart

I will thank it

For the joy

That it so freely gave.

Opher 24.4.2016

Light and warmth from many summers given and gone

I still look sadly at the large empty space where the cherry tree once stood. Instead of a huge pink mound of ice-cream between my house and the houses beyond, there is now a vacuum and nothing is masked.

There will be no new leaves to seek the sun or fruit for the birds this year.

The tree became sick and, as with any suffering creature, I had to decide its fate. With buzzing saws it was reduced to mere timber.

I chopped and hacked that wood and stored it in a pile behind the wall, sheltering it from the elements.

Through this winter I have brought those logs into the house and on a cold winter’s evening it has heartened our room with its stored light and heat and brought much pleasure into our lives.

Today I collected the last of it and scrounged around for the last small twigs with which to last the evening.

Tonight we will enjoy the cherry tree for the very last time and I will gaze into the flames, and think of it in all its pomp, and celebrate its long and wonder filled life, and thank it for its gifts.