So what has the EU ever done for us?

So what has the EU ever done from us – apart from a bureaucratic system, mass immigration and costing us money?

Well –

  • It has brought peace for the longest period of time in European history – that was why it was set up in the first place
  • It has created a forum for dialogue between European countries that cannot be underestimated
  • It has provided international legislation and enforcement of environmental issues that has stopped pollution and produced countless conservation schemes
  • It has created a multinational Human Rights that protects the rights of all people living in the EU and sets an example to the rest of the world
  • It has brought in legislation to protect the rights of workers and their health and safety
  • It has enabled free trade that has improved the British economy. It enables trade without restraint, tariffs or visas.
  • It has brought in regeneration programmes that have transformed inner city areas such as Liverpool, Newcastle and countless others
  • It subsidises areas with great poverty or who are in need – Scotland receives a lot of money as does Wales, Ireland and parts of England
  • It has financed scientific research and enabled projects (such as CERN) that no one nation could have managed – space projects, University research, international cooperation
  • It has instituted conservation projects and protected nature in large projects throughout Europe
  • It subsidises agriculture and practices that protect nature
  • It has enabled Britain to operate as a gateway into Europe. Many firms, such as the car industry, Siemens alternative energy, Banking and Finance and many manufacturing companies set up production and headquarters in London and Britain to service the continent. This has greatly contributed to our wealth.
  • It has provided a source of labour and brains that has kept our science at the top, brought in consultants and specialists, doctors, nurses, teachers, skilled individuals, builders, field workers, care home workers etc. who have provided services and kept our economy going.
  • It has financed joint ventures that would be too risky or expensive for any one nation to attempt (eg. aviation)
  • It has enabled our students to go to any EU country to study and broaden their horizons and students to study here and set up crucial links. We are attracting brains.
  • It enables me to travel to Europe with needing visas or passport control.
  • It enables cooperation between EU countries to coordinate intelligence, operations against terrorism and crime.
  • It provides a powerful bloc for negotiating deals with the resat of the world.
  • It provides a stronger, unified voice in the world that carries the weight of the combined population and economies.

I would not underestimate the huge contribution the EU has made. Of course, you can believe all the lies, exaggerations and fabricated stories put out in our incredibly biased media. The picture they paint is simply not true.

Do we get value for money? I think so. I reckon the benefit to the economy far outstrips what we put in.

Are there problems? Too true – the bureaucracy, costs and corruption, unelected bodies, negative effects of mass migration, freedom of movement of criminals and terrorists, and the difference between the members with weaker economies and those with stronger are all problems.

Could they have been addressed without Brexit? A resounding yes.

It is not beyond wit to modify the system to deal with corruption, bureaucracy and unelected people. (Not that our politics doesn’t suffer from all of these problems).

There needs to be checks put on migration.

In time the weaker countries will come up to the level of the stronger.

Imagine the United States with borders between States, visas, tariffs, and restrictions. What a nightmare. That is what we will be doing.

But we are out. That is it.

The challenge now is to ensure the government keeps the cooperation, the outward looking stance, the environmental, science and conservation work, the human and workers rights, the free trade without tariffs and the skilled workers we so desperately need – to maintain public services with a poorer economy.

If we are not a gateway to Europe and all those firms and headquarters creep away to Berlin, Paris and the rest, we will be screwed. We have to keep them here. That means a free trade agreement and that means free movement. If we close our borders our economy will dive.

That is the battle.

Do we want a soft or hard Brexit? Who is making the decision?  – An unelected right-wing government.

The pressure from Big Business is to exploit people for more profits. The pressure from little Englanders is to go all patriotic and nationalistic.

The people who will inevitably suffer will be the poor, the disabled, elderly and public servants. I guarantee that the ones at the top will still get their bonuses!

19 thoughts on “So what has the EU ever done for us?

  1. “Little Englanders, patriotic and nationalistic” So there is something wrong with the English being Patriotic? What a pity more of the English are not Patriotic, try and hang the England Flag on your house or in your garden and so many areas the Police or local Authorities arrive and demand the flag of your Country be taken down in case it causes offence, to whom the Muslims/the Poles you name it. I have a friend whose partner drives a large lorry on the Continent, when he comes home, or tries to he is faced with immigrants getting on the roof of his lorry, trying to get inside the lorry, they carry knives and threaten him, yet he is not allowed to touch them, he faces being killed perhaps by these people, these very same people that Corbyn wants more of in this Country.

    We have a young missing RAF lad, last seen leaving a Pub we all know what has happened, the Government are suppressing the truth as are the newspapers, his own Mother believes he has been kidnapped by Terrorists and when a story breaks if indeed it does, that this lad has been taken by them, what is Corbyn’s answer then, “we must be nice to the terrorists”. If something dreadful, God forbid, does happen to this lad, terrorist related I hope the British will not stand by and let this go, there should be protests on the streets as there should have been when Lee Rigby was butchered, remember him?

    This is England and I am not ashamed to say I am Patriotic and when I want to fly a flag the St George’s Cross, I will fly it just as my Son will fly the Tricolour when Ireland play Rugby or Football. What is wrong with those that wanted to Remain in Europe, you are proving to be nothing else but “Bad Losers” , the sooner this Country returns to being England with our Laws that ALL should obey, not refuse and make people feel uncomfortable in their own Country.

    1. I do not like patriotism one bit. But we have bloody England flags and union jacks flying all over the place. I don’t see anyone demanding they are taken down. I don’t see what the Poles and Muslims have a say in it.
      Patriotism and nationalism are the cause of many wars, the themes of the aristocracy and establishment. They always use it to stole up emotions. Not for me. I do not believe in that tribalism. I think all people are intrinsically equal and the sooner we do away with nations and move out of tribalism to a global system the better.
      What is happening outside Calais with desperate people and gangs of exploitative traffickers looking to make money by getting refugees into Britain is scandalous. It’s politics. The French are allowing it for their own ends. It’s not the refugees so much as the gangs who are exploiting and making a fortune out of suffering.
      The authorities are doing a brilliant job getting on top of the terrorism. They are rounding them up and preventing nearly all of it. I haven’t heard anything about this RAF lad. Was it terrorists?
      I remember the Lee Rigby atrocity well. Those barbarians need locking up for ever.
      It is not a silly game Anna – you keep coming out with this childish ‘Bad Losers’ jibe. There is nothing like that. Save that for the playground. It is doing what is right for my children and grandchildren and making the best deal out of a dire situation.
      Don’t you listen to the warnings? Nissan, The Japanese government, Seiemens, many banks – all saying the same thing – if we lose free-trade they will move abroad to the continent. Already Siemens has pulled out of expansion plans on the Humber.
      If we lose all of that we will be economically crippled. They are waiting to hear the nature of the Brexit deal. It has already damaged us. The question is how big a hit will the economy take in two and a half years time when we pull out. The hope is that we will retain healthy cooperation and trade. The fear is that there will be isolation, tariffs and visas.
      We have a future to fight for.
      As for Corbyn – I like him. I like his policies – apart from immigration. I think that you always have to talk to terrorists and parties at war. That is what is happening in Chile; it’s what happened with the ANC and IRA. I don’t think he cosies up to them. I still think he should have stood down when he lost the support of all the MPs and could not put a front bench together. He lost credibility. It’s given the Tories a free ride. I want a Labour government. I’d prefer it to be Corbyn rather than anyone else.
      Things are never going to be black and white. You are never going to find anyone who you totally agree with. It’s all shades of grey.
      Terrorism and immigration are not the biggest issues around.

      1. First of all it is you that is in the playground you lost so you don’t like it too bad, you are a bad loser and you know it, you don’t like some having the nerve to say it to you Opher, if they had voted to Remain I would not have been pleased but I would have said well thats the result we must carry on and do our best, not you – you harp on and on and on about not winning, Theresa May has made it clear there will NOT BE ANOTHER VOTE ON EUROPE (yes capitals again, ask yourself why, you won’t accept a democratic result).

        So you do not like Patriotism, you absolutely shock me you, I had to read what you put over and over, think we should all be one, come off it what rubbish is that harping back to what times! You have “bloody English and Union Jack Flags flying all over the place” lucky you no one said take them down trying reading the papers try looking at the news from time to time there has been reports of flags being pulled down or people being told take them down, when I have flown the Union Jack on St Georges Day I have witnessed some sour looks some comments made, this is where I live I should have the freedom to fly the flag of my Country, yes I am a Patriot and proud of it too, just as the Irish are just as the Scots/the Welsh/The Americans in particular in fact most Countries.

        This Country has so much you don’t like Opher, and you are not a Patriot and you want a global World, then as you are moving why did you not look abroad to live we have so much wrong here. Perhaps if the people here stood up for this Country worked together, fought to make it a little like it was we would all be better off, instead of continually knocking it criticising everything. Black and White? I like you and I regard you as a Friend you know that, I don’t have to agree with you all the time in fact we clash when it comes to a lot of big issues and it would be wrong and dishonest to agree with someone for the sake of it. That is why I pull back sometimes but when you, forgive me, but you do, behave like a teacher lecturing a pupil, I know you don’t see it that way but that is how it comes over, others have their reasons for not disagreeing with you, I have to be honest with you and tell you what I think, if my honesty offends then what is the point of talking if we cannot be honest with each other, I won’t lie I can’t.

        As for Corbyn, yes I liked him too – until now and you can see what is really going on, McDonel is a very dangerous devious man, the voice behind Corbyn. All these rich little thugs he has around him, deny as much as he likes he has nothing to do with them and then is seen with them. Thats not the Labour Party I want to be involved with, despite all the emails I get from them. I will ask you again, because you either choose not to read what I put re membership or you refuse point blank to answer the question “Are you a paid Up Member of The Labour Party, do you have your Membership Card”?: YES OR NO?

        Calais, or so easy to blame someone else is it not, these poor people trying to illegally gain entry into this Country, poor innocents all refugees, of course they are not how many precisely how many are migrants a hell of a lot. I have no time for these filth that take money to smuggle them in but let’s get one thing straight these are not the people jumping in front of Lorries, threatening to kill drivers, hiding in lorries, its these “poor innocents” causing the trouble. If one British Lorry driver fought back, used a knife a bat and defended himself against one of these “poor people” if the offence occurred on this side of the border you could bet your life the lorry driver would be the one to suffer. I know from my friend how worried she is that her partner won’t take much more of being threatened. Immigration and Terrorism are the biggest issues you are wrong in saying they are not, they are the biggest worries for the people of this Country, then I guess we are racists according to some.

        Last post I think it was Benefit system came up and I said we have enough of our own white/black scum claiming benefits and boasting how they are fiddling the system, now along with these immigrants claiming. You are the same age as me and you should know it was Labour that the Welfare system came with, it was intended to help those that fell through the net. “From the Cradle to the Grave” remember Opher. The only time, and I stress the only time I ever claimed benefits was when David, my Husband died I had two young Boys and they were given Free School Meals, I was given twice a year I think it was, help with their Uniforms, I was given help with the interest on my small Mortgage I had at the time and I received 10pence, yes 10pence a week paid once a year – I could have received more help but as I received a pension from The Prudential, David had paid into, it took me over the DSS Scale they had. I was then and shall always be more than grateful for the help I received, not from the DSS not from Blair’s Government but FROM THE BRITISH TAXPAYER who helped me out at a more than difficult time.
        I am today entitled to claim Benefits for my health problems – my Heart Failure/my spine/Thyroid/and I think the Diabetes, I am continually told “why don’t you claim”, well I won’t claim I would prefer that the money go to someone more deserving in this Country someone that really needs it and I hope it does not go to the scum who have never given anything to this Country only take or the immigrants.

        For over 30 years I have given to Charities but I am so tired of being asked to give more and more whilst I watch those that do adverts for this cause or that take a Fee like the late Terry Wogan whom so much praise is given to? The man fronted for heavens knows how long a show for “Children in Need”, he took a FEE every time, how much did he ever donate sod all I should think. So I decided enough was enough I have kept just a couple of Charities I donate to each month for they are close to my heart. How much do you think Cameron/Blair/Corbyn have ever given to Charity, their own yes plenty. They are hypocrites, will I vote Labour or maybe Tory definitely not UKIP and Carswell, truth right now to hell with the lot of them.

        If one thing is true it is I am and will always be proud to be a Patriot, anyone attacks this Country verbally I won’t stand by and not challenge it.

        On a lighter note, time for a coffee – its your new Home, your Wife and Children you should be worrying about Opher, all the best.

      2. But again Anna – I think there should be another vote because the implications are so incredibly dire and we were lied to and led up the garden path by chancer Boris and obnoxious Gove. Boris did not even believe in it. He wanted to gtain political clout. Have you read what he said to Cameron after pitching and yawing – ‘Don’t worry – there’s not a chance in hell of us winning’. That’s why he ducked when it happened.
        I am not going on about another vote. I will vote for a party in the next election who pledges to take us back in or cancel our exit. That’s democracy.
        But that is by the by. The vote is done. We have voted out. I accept that. I think it is totally daft and will do great damage to the country, but it is done.
        My whole post was on how we go out. Soft or Hard?
        Hard will do the most damage economically and regarding cooperation, the environment, science and terrorism etc. Soft will do the least damage.
        I despair.
        As for Britain – I think it is one of the best places on Earth. It has freedoms that have been fought for through hundreds of years. It is civilised. But I am no better than anyone else in the world. I was just lucky to be born here. And that flag is not a symbol of the people; it is a symbol of the aristocracy and establishment. I want the whole world to be as free and civilised as Britain and I think we have a hell of a lot to learn from most other cultures. I do not like nations I want global systems. Patriotism and nationalism are tribal anachronisms as far as I’m concerned. I fight for my freedoms and what I stand for every day of the week.
        Making it like it was would be terrible. The Britain I grew up in – my parents time – was class-ridden, poor, racist, elitist and drab. That is what I rebelled at. It was regimented, stifling and appalling in many ways. We’ve come a long way and gained a lot more liberal attitudes since then, thank heavens. I want to go on and make it freer and more liberal, more fun-loving, adventurous and colourful. I had a great life but the society I lived in has been a disaster in many ways. I had my fun by rebelling against it.
        It is the gangs trying to intimidate the lorries. The people pay and the gangs hijack the lorries to smuggle them in. The French allow it because it is political.
        I claimed unemployment benefit for three months in 1971 when we came back from the USA and I could not find any work. I finally go a job as a warehouseman in a central heating firm. I’ve worked as a road-sweeper and sewage worker, in factories and restaurants as a dishwasher. I don’t like hand-outs and also believe that those that use it as a way of life should be kicked off and made to work. The Jarrow marchers weren’t after hand-outs – they wanted work.
        It’s busy here – trimming hedges/ivy and getting the place ready to move. Very anxious and scary. Don’t know how this is going to work.

    2. You must be a Daily Mail reader, as I am. The only newspaper willing to tell the truth about the terrible state of Britain. Us English need to get our power back from those undemocratic bureaucrats in Brussels. We did not vote for them! Our country can start to recover to its imperial greatness, watch out India.

      They called us bad losers back in the 1975 referendum, but we were right to continue the debate. Why won’t they accept the recent result and stop talking about what the EU. The debate has finished. Do they not understand democracy?

      Rule, Britannia!

      1. Unfortunately it is not as simplistic as that. The debate has a long way to go. The type of exit we negotiate will determine the future of the country.
        Get real.
        I’m not sure you even understand the issues.

      2. I hope you are not taking the p…

        I used to have the, horror Opher “The Telegraph” delivered but the weekly cost along with my youngest Son’s sports mags was horrendous each week. I won’t pay to read a paper on the internet, the Mail as you know is Free.

        I agree we do need to get our power back have some respect for ourselves. Your last comment “Do they not understand Democracy” thank you, that is what I have been saying all along we all had the chance to vote IN or Out, I honestly did not expect the OUT vote to win I stayed up all night long watching and was shocked so shocked that we Won and Won indeed we did. Back in 75 when I voted I did not want to be part of Europe I was sad we lost and silly as it sounds now I refused to buy any French food for so many many years. I did not keep on like a spoilt brat I just had to get on with it like everyone else, hoping one day we would Leave. The Debate has finished and Theresa May has made it clear there will Not be another referendum.

        You are a Patriot it sounds, we should be proud of our Country, not knocking it all the time, stand up for the UK and all it has to offer not try ripping it apart and not by letting all these immigrants/migrants come in. We have taken enough, Angela Merkel opened the floodgates she can take them all, the German people are against her and have had enough. The other day a little girl in Oxford pulled off the streets sexually assaulted, another child today (not sure where) was nearly abducted she got away. How much more, women touched up as in other Countries. In these camps in Calais, young children even reports of Babies, along with young girls and women of all ages being raped by other immigrant males, and Corbyn and followers want to let these people in here. They are not wanted. This is our Country and I am proud of it. If that makes me a racist, so be it. Good luck, hope to hear more from you.

      3. Seems strange to me that you refused to give up after losing in 75 but now berate people for doing exactly the same now. A bit of hypocrisy perhaps? I shall look to do all I can to get us back into Europe as quickly as possible by whatever democratic means. I don’t like insular, isolationism.
        Britain has never stopped being great. The way the British people fought the establishment for centuries and secured their workers and human rights is a beacon to the world. We are a symbol of democracy, freedom and social justice. The working people have always supported the poor and needy of the world and stood up against the establishment bosses who were exploiting them. However it is a struggle still going on. There’s a long way to go. That’s what I’m proud of – the Levellers, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, Diggers and the rest – not the warmongering wealthy aristocrats with their bloody flags.

    1. Fine – feel free Anna. Daily Mail readers obviously get a great objective view of things. I wouldn’t wipe my backside on it for fear of contamination.

  2. I think the big part of those is actually things EU should do, but it didn’t. It’s mostly a lie. The rich leaders take the money, the rest of us get nothing…also I don’t like that EU is copying Americas financelife. Rich are rich and poor are poor. Gulf is growing.

    1. There is certainly an element of that. The EU favours the big corporations. That inequality is the cause of much of the discontent. It needs to radically change in order to address the real issues. It should be made to work – not abandoned. The idea of cooperation and unity is sound. It needs to get back on the tracks.

      1. The ptoblem is that these EU leaders will not change anything. I’m sure that they doesn’t want to do that. We should get better leaders right now and that will not happend…

      2. You say that but it looks to me as if they are going to be forced to change things if they want to hold it together. The amount of discontent is growing. They will end up with it disintegrating if they do not change.
        There has to be a move away from corporations to people, more accountability and democracy and more support.
        Don’t forget all the good things that have come out of this unity and cooperation. The dialogue between nations has kept Europe peaceful since 1945. That cannot be underestimated. A war would make all these problems seem minor.

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