Boris Johnson – Oven-Ready – World-Beating, no border Brexit!!

This clown represents us to the world!! Thanks Chris Riddell!!

Thanks John Peachey!

The Corona Diaries – Day 381

I keep having to look at that number at the top there. Who would have believed that this would possibly go on for so long? Not me! I thought it was all going to be over in a few months.

So here I am 381 days in. Still no signs of the virus affecting us. It has hit half our family though. Living out here in a village we are less prone to it. The levels around here are very low.

I have had one jab and expecting the second in the next week or two. After that I shall be free!!!

Today I’ve been in for most of the day writing, publishing and listening to Howlin’ Wolf.

I have just published my 22nd book of poems. They are poems that I have written and put out on my blog over the last six months. Consequently they have been associated with Brexit, Trump, the environment, our lamentable clown of a PM, love, nature and wonder. The usual stuff. I enjoy writing them and it seems that they are quite popular – so if you want to own a book of them you will shortly get your chance. It’ll be up on Amazon in a few days time or you can get a signed copy directly from me. It’s called : ‘Out of the Covid and into the frying pan’.

I have just returned from my walk up my hill. I fed carrots to my adopted horse and watched a kestrel hover close by. She dived into the undergrowth but came up with nothing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it’s more of the same. The big hoo-ha is about the rare blood clots in young people from the AstraZeneca jab. I can see that it’s big for those unlucky enough to get a clot but the risks are so tiny as to be not worth worrying about. They’re not even 100% sure it’s the vaccine causing it. It certainly wouldn’t stop me.

There have been 25 cases in 20 million people. Even if the vaccine is causing it that is incredibly safe. For just 1 in a million to become very ill or die is remarkable. No medicine is completely safe. Common aspirin causes stomach bleeding in 1% of cases – 1 in a 100 not 1 in 1,000,000. I’d certainly take my chances in a game of Russian Roulette with those sort of odds. T he risk of contracting the virus and dying is many times greater and that’s without factoring in the severe illness, ventilators and long-term problems.

People are remarkably silly over statistics. Those same people probably drive a car and the risk is far greater there! I’d put the risk on the same level as being hospitalised by your own fridge.

Can’t wait for my second jab!!

Anyway, the government is offering alternatives to the under thirties. That makes sense.

There is no reports of any clotting from second jabs. That too makes sense.

The vaccination programme has caused serious illness and death to plummet. It is also stopping transmission. By july, when all adults have had the jab, the virus should be well under control – even with Dido Harding and Johnson ballsing it up!

We are seeing the results of Johnson’s lies about Brexit coming home to roost. The troubles are starting up in Ireland again. Johnson assured everyone there would be no borders or checks or tariffs. What a stupid liar!! There is and was no way round it and he knew it.

In Scotland it is looking as if they will vote to leave and the union will break up.

Is the price we pay going to be worth it?

Years of disruption.

Higher prices.

Mangled economy.

Firms and businesses going bust.

Firms fleeing to Europe.

More border checks.

More red tape.

Slower movement.

Less freedom to travel.

A big hit to the economy.

The break up of the UK.

A weaker, less powerful Britain.

I hope that the Brexiteers feel that it was worth all that to put the power in the hands of a bunch of selfish, greedy, Eton Schoolboys and Bullingdon boys who have made a killing out of it!

Bring back control to Britain??? Put control into the hands of a bunch of extreme right-wingers more like!

Never mind – we’ll live through it. Stay safe!!!

Stiff Little Fingers – Opher’s World pays tribute to genius.


Stiff Little Fingers are my favourite Punk band. They came roaring out of Ireland full of ire, angst and fury. They were railing at the tragic life they were being forced to live in the shadow of the ‘troubles’ with real emotions based on real experience. Life was hard in Thatcher’s Britain for young disaffected youth but it was real murder in Belfast! They were fed-up with the guns, bombs, sectarian hatred, barricades, barbed wire, and being threatened by soldiers, police and paramilitary thugs. Punk proved the ideal vehicle. It all came pouring out on that first album ‘Inflamable Material’. It wasn’t inflammable it was incendiary.

No wonder John Peel loved it. He had a real ear for genuine talent. He immediately saw the genuine emotion that soaked through every sentiment. These weren’t a bunch of kids making stuff up – they were venting their hearts, spleen and lungs.

If the Sex Pistols were brash Stiff Little Fingers were brazen. If the Pistols were hot Fingers were nuclear. Not only that but they had the lyrical ability to put it all down in a form that made it interesting and accessible. Jake Burns had the word play at his finger tips to illustrate the world they lived in. He even managed to inject some humour in between the fury. This was Punk with real teeth. This wasn’t to do with Thatcher’s selective austerity and no jobs for the lower classes, class warfare; this was war with real bullets, bombs, threats and deaths.

Fingers even took the Bob Marley classic ‘Johnny Was’ and made it there own. Where the song was about a senseless gang killing in Trenchtown they transferred it to Belfast. The raw guitar exchange of riffs with their strident ring gave it a sinister edge. It was an anthem to senseless murder and violence. The riffs snarled and spat. The vocals soared with despair.

Fingers were what Punk was all about – protest, despair and fury. It was the voice of disaffected youth who saw that they had no future.

This was my type of music, full of rightful political/social fury at the injustice created by politicians, religious leaders and the businessmen who orchestrated the unequal world order. It was a scream of protest. They made the Irish situation stark for all to hear but also illustrated a problem the world over. The ones at the bottom were being shat on by the tiny minority that ran it all.

Punk didn’t get much better than this!