The Tories, Trump and the Russian connection.

With Putin interfering in elections in the USA and the UK to successfully install Trump, create Brexit and elect Johnson, one can see why!!

Putin wanted the UK and USA hopelessly divided, the EU weaker and these political leaders hamstrung and in his pocket.

The Tory party has received millions from Putin’s friends. London has been a centre for laundering dirty Russian money – putting billions into the pockets of Tory banker chums.

Trump’s shady business connections in Russia are all hushed up – including the film they are supposed to have of him with Russian hookers.

It’s like Putin has planned this all out and engineered it.

We’re in a crisis with a useless lying clown at the helm!!

8 thoughts on “The Tories, Trump and the Russian connection.

  1. Opher – It makes you wonder just how complicit Trump (and possibly the GOP) and BoJo (and the Tories) have been in furthering Putin’s goals by knowingly managing Russian financial interests in the U.K. It stinks of planning, conspiracy and corruption – both welcome bedfellows for Trump and BoJo…monikers that clearly define both individuals, and by extension the U.K Tory government and the GOP, that are worn as badges with pride.

    I’ve no doubt Putin has plenty of shit on many world-leaders and politicians that buys their outright subservience. Why else would Trump call Putin a genius if not because he is terrified of exposure? If Putin fails, I hope he leaks material to the world’s media and destroys them all…the world will not miss any of them, and will be a far better place without them.

    BP (among other fossil fuel companies) are also under scrutiny regarding their connections to Putin whilst simultaneously lobbying U.K government and donating to the Tories.

    If Starmer had any backbone whatsoever he should be calling out this corruption for what it is, and demanding a full independent inquiry, and if need be, involvement of international courts, to tear the Tories a new one. He won’t, not just because he himself is a right-wing darling of the elitist establishment, but because Labour are likely paid for, in part, by donations received from private wealth. political lobbyists, and other spurious sources. Perhaps that’s why he is rejecting at every turn socialism.

    Political figures, and governments cannot continue to operate in the way they are with impunity from scrutiny and accountability. Drastic change must be made…the world cannot be spun on an axis of idiot’s gold by select groups of self-serving, profiteering liars, thieves, and fascists. The people of the world deserve far better than that.


      1. Starmer is so weak and ineffective!

        No doubt he’ll not pursue this either: ‘Names of firms given huge Covid loans will be secret – Campaigners says transparency would aid fight against fraud, which is estimated to have amounted to £4.9bn’ (1) (I wonder if any of these fraudulent ‘companies’ had connections to the Tory Party?)

        Politics today is spin, lies, greed and sloth. The U.K is world-beating.


        (1) –

      2. Passion yes, but passion for doing the right thing, at the right time, for the greater majority, and for the greater good of all, and that, quite naturally, includes the planet.


  2. Opher – something to consider…

    ”NATO nations should have been arming Ukraine to the teeth to prevent this. Instead they held nice talks and ate nice dinners and bought Russian gas while Putin prepared this invasion. Now the greatest military coalition in history is just watching Ukrainians die at their door.
    There are no more Churchills in the halls of power, just salesmen and bureaucrats, hoping to shuffle papers and avoid meaningful decisions until they leave office. Ukraine has exposed them all, cowering before a thug like Putin.”

    Garry Kasparov


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