So What has the EU ever done for us?

So What has the EU ever done for us?


Absolutely nothing.  

A bureaucratic nightmare overseen by a bunch of unelected plutocrats!

A bunch of foreigners taking away our sovereignty.


Well it has kept the peace in Europe for the last seventy years – the longest period in European history without a major conflict (putting aside Bosnia and the Ukraine).


It has provided greater cooperation in fighting crime, terrorism, cybercrime, and trafficking.


It has provided Britons with the right to live, work, retire and study anywhere in Europe without hindrance.


It has provided laws and enforcement to conserve nature, prevent pollution and protect wildlife.


It has produced legislation to protect workers’ rights.


It has produced legislation to protect our human rights.


It enables us to go abroad safely on holiday without visas, passports and other expensive constraints, making holidays a lot safer and cheaper.


It has given us a bigger voice on the world stage when dealing with trade, war, threats, terrorism …..


It has made us prosperous, increased trade and business and provided millions of jobs.


It has put money into conservation projects, regeneration of deprived areas and inner cities, and business projects that have had enormous impact on regenerating run-down areas and providing work as well, as subsidizing people in areas that otherwise would not be economically viable.


It has protected our consumer rights. All goods bought and sold have to comply with standards of safety and quality.


It is good for business and has brought huge benefits to this country. Many companies, banks and trading partners work through Britain as an entry point into Europe. We gain all that extra wealth.


It has produced millions of jobs and made us wealthier.


But we could do all that ourselves!


No we couldn’t.


We want our sovereignty back!


So that our corrupt bunch of politicians can have more power for themselves? What makes them better than the other politicians in Europe?


We want to make our own laws!


In truth much of the legislation in the Human Rights and Employment etc. was put together by Britain. We have a big say in what goes on in Europe. We play a major role in directing it.


We want to control our borders. We have too much immigration and don’t want terrorists coming here!


Then why didn’t we sign up to the European legislation to prevent people coming here for longer than three months if they don’t have work?

We will defeat terrorism through our intelligence work, through cooperation rather than building walls.


What has Europe done for us? Well you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.

The real Brexit agenda – my opinion

The real Brexit agenda is for the Right Wing of the Tory party to seize power.

Behind a series of lies and deceit they are selling a pack of untruths.

Leaving the EU will not solve the immigration crisis – it is too complex and requires a lot more than that.

It is not about sovereignty. They want power for themselves.

Brexit is run by a number of extreme right-wing Tories and supported by fascists on the continent.

All Johnson (the opportunist) has his eyes on is power. Fox, Gove and the rest are obnoxious extremists.

A vote to leave will put them in control, signal a programme of austerity and privatisation, throw the country in chaos, cause a dip in house prices and a fall in the economy. An unmitigated disaster.

Their whole campaign is based on fear and hatred.

I have a real fear on this one. The result could be abysmal – worse than any general election.

My greatest fears should we vote to leave Europe.


  1. We end up with a rabid right-wing government led by Johnson, Gove and Fox.
  2. That would spell mass privatisation and the decimation of our public services (schools and NHS are already suffering under the more moderate Tories with creeping privatisation and reduced funding)
  3. Human rights, workers rights and conditions and pay would be undermined.
  4. Deregulation would run slip-shod over environmental and health and safety in pursuit of profits.
  5. Our economy would drop through the floor causing decades of austerity and further excuse to decimate public services.
  6. The banking and insurance sectors might up sticks to Berlin to be at the centre of Europe which would bankrupt us.
  7. Other businesses might uproot to the mainland if we are no longer part.
  8. We would still be subject to the same bureaucracy and legislation if we wish to trade with Europe but we would have none of the advantages of free movement and no tariffs.
  9. We would have an increased risk of terrorism due to worse cooperation and intelligence exchange.
  10. We would create havoc in areas of the economy requiring free movement of workers.
  11. Our position on the world stage would be reduced. We would not carry much clout.
  12. Europe would be weaker and might split into bickering factions, protectionism and even conflict.
  13. We would have no unified defence against the Soviets.
  14. Our trading position with China, India and others would be weakened.
  15. I think the UK would split up – Scotland would go first.
  16. Our country would be ruled by a bunch of Eton old-boys who would look after their own at the expense of the rest of us. I’d much rather be governed from Europe.

We might descend from being the world’s seventh biggest economy to being a minor island on the fringe of Europe. We produce little, have no resources, no empire and no voice. Our children would live in a Third World country.

That’s my view – what’s yours?


Things I like about the European Union and things I don’t like

Things I like:

  1. It has brought peace in Europe for the longest period in history
  2. It has brought in legislation to protect the environment and wild-life
  3. It has brought in legislation to protect workers rights and conditions
  4. It has brought in legislation on essential human rights
  5. It has unified countries in the fight against crime and terrorism
  6. It has created greater cooperation with intelligence gathering
  7. It has greater clout on the world stage and can negotiate better deals
  8. It supports the weaker countries and has helped raise their standards
  9. It has allowed free movement of goods without hindrance
  10. It has allowed me to travel, live and work anywhere in Europe without hindrance
  11. It has opened up European universities to British students
  12. It has opened up European jobs to British workers
  13. It has stimulated the economies of European countries
  14. It has brought prosperity

Things I don’t like:

  1. The freedom of movement has increased our immigration
  2. There is a wastefulness
  3. Corruption and bureaucracy
  4. Opening borders enables criminals and terrorists to move more freely
  5. It costs us money

I come down strongly in favour of staying in despite the negatives.

I think we should work hard on the inside to put a stop to the wastefulness, bureaucracy and corruption and stem the ‘gravy train’.

I think we should finance greater security and intelligence work to track down and arrest criminals and terrorists.

I want freedom of movement but we have to deal with the consequences.

I believe that as the present inequalities in Europe even out there will be less migration. We should focus on the inequalities. We should also look at ways of preventing such large numbers of migrants. I would like to see us working with our European colleagues to solve this (unemployment benefit etc).

Crime, terrorism, pollution, environmental destruction, wild-life protection, human rights and social conditions know no boundaries. They can only be dealt with internationally.

I want a move to global legislation and government with universal laws on environment and human rights.

I have no doubt that we are stronger and safer in and that the present problems can be dealt with through cooperation.

The possible break up of Europe? What would the USA be like if it had split up?

As we surge towards a conclusion to this unnecessary referendum on Brexit or Bremain I cannot help ponder some of the other unknowables.

I have grown up in a world with two superpowers – America and Russia – who took us to the brink of annihilation. I lived for decades with a series of nuclear warheads pointing at me – still do. America dominates the world economic stage and pulls all the shots. It controls the markets.

America is made up of fifty States all of which are really autonomous countries. They are vastly different in culture, geography, size, population, climate, racial mix, resources and wealth.

If they had operated as separate countries would any of them have been a major world player?

If those 50 States all secede from the Union what would happen to America’s power?

The Clash – Should I stay or should I go? – European exit?

Well it just came to me that this should be the song that is associated with the whole question of leaving or staying in the European union

The Clash – Should I stay or should I go

Should I stay or should I go now? (Yo! ¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
Should I stay or should I go now? (Yo! ¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)
And if I stay it will be double (Si me quedo, es doble)
So you gotta let me know (Pero que tienes que decir)
Should I cool it or should I blow? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
Should I stay or should I go now? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)
And if I stay there will be double (Si me quedo, es doble)
So you gotta let me know (Pero que tienes que decir)
Should I stay or should I go

It’s always shades of grey.

This whole thing should never have arisen in the first place. It was David Cameron playing politics and trying to buy off the right-wingers in his party by offering them this referendum. He’s put the whole country in a mess because of his party politics. Just weakness.

I am in favour of staying. Not because I love the European bureaucracy but despite that.

My reasons are:

  • European collaboration on terrorism
  • A bigger voice on the world stage
  • A greater union – movement towards global government
  • Better economic opportunity
  • No years of wrangling over trade agreements
  • No destabilisation
  • No firms fleeing to set up headquarters in Europe
  • No more wars in Europe
  • We’re safer and better off in
  • Good European laws on Human Rights and workers rights.

I think we’re better off in. I also think that we do not know the facts. It’s all emotional guesswork. I don’t give a knack about sovereignty. I’d prefer to be under European law than what the Tories are doing. The Queen, the establishment, parliament – you can stuff it all.

When I look at the people supporting Brexit they are a rabid bunch of extreme chancers and opportunists. People like Boris who want to use this as an opportunity to become Prime Minister. He doesn’t really believe a word he’s saying. He did an about turn.

No. It’s in for me.

What do you think?

Should we leave the EU or should we stay? What do you think?

These are some of the things that come to my mind. What have I got wrong or missed out?

Some good things about the EU

  1. It helps to keep peace in Europe
  2. It unifies the fight against terrorism
  3. It provides collaboration and centralisation in dealing with pollution and environmental damage
  4. It protects human rights
  5. It provides collaboration and centralisation to deal with crime
  6. It protects workers rights
  7. It has produced a mechanism to deal with some of the inequality
  8. It provides jobs and economic strength
  9. It has a louder voice in the world
  10. It unifies laws, rights and freedoms across Europe

Some bad things

  1. There is greater bureaucracy
  2. There are unelected people involved
  3. It costs money
  4. There is waste
  5. It is cumbersome
  6. It is slow
  7. It isn’t always as effective as it needs to be
  8. There is not enough collaboration
  9. Some countries cheat on the way they apply laws

Some other things

  1. Laws are made by a group in Europe – not nationally. (I prefer that – some find it a problem). I think most of the laws produced by Europe are better and I’d prefer them deciding than the Tories.
  2. I want to move to a global body who rule. Global legislation to deal with war, inequality, poverty, environment, crime, human rights and business. All of which are global and require a body who operate globally. I do not believe that nations have any future. They need dumping. We are world citizens or equal importance. The EU is a step in that direction.
  3. National identity is threatened. Good as far as I’m concerned. I would stand for values – tolerance, democracy, freedom, etc.

My view is that the EU is flawed and needs overhauling to make it work better. That probably means altering the election and decision-making process and requires greater unification.

However, I think that is far better than a bunch of nations all fighting and vying with each other for predominance and gain. That is not only inefficient and wasteful, duplicating roles, not sharing information, undermining each other, and creating division.

My opinion is that we are better off in a powerful Europe than as a small Island. That it is not all about money and whether we would be better off. The Environment, Human Rights and collaboration are more important.

I believe we have to make Europe work a lot better than it is at present and make it more democratic with less control from bankers, big business and bureaucrats.

I’m in favour of staying in!

What do you think?