The Blue Dot

The Blue Dot

Every dream that ever was

Every single sigh

Every life that’s ever lived

Every what and why

Every kiss and cuddle

Every kick and cry

Every act that’s ever been

Through the by and by

Everything that’s ever lived

From the beginning to now

Every life that might have been

Or could ever take a bow.

Every bird and every bee

Every virus and tree

Every single dinosaur

Or performing flea.

Nowhere else in the universe

Does such a wonder exist.

A tiny blue dot in space

That would never even be missed

Opher 11.6.2021

That little blue dot photograph puts everything in perspective. We are an insignificant speck. That is all. We are not significant.

Yet this speck contains all life.

Every form of life that has ever lived. Every human being. Every act of life. It has only happened here.

One day, when the sun evolves into a red giant and engulfs the Earth, it will all be gone.

Our Future

Our Future

This is our future.

                We tell it as it is;

                                As we see it.

For we know.

All the money in the world

                Is not worth the future

                                Of the planet –

Our heritage.

Opher – 22.4.2021

Too many people are making too much money out of destroying the planet.

They put profit before the future.

They do not care about the damage they do.

They spread their propaganda of denial.

They are evil.