4 thoughts on “His Epic Message will make you want to save the world

  1. Sorry – the problems are way, way too big. Whatever hopium this dude is smoking has no chance of working. Kiss the fourth second goodbye, and enjoy whatever life has allowed you.

  2. There’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever to base your optimism on, whatever form it takes, and whatever we owe “life” on this planet is not going to be collected, because life is either dead from our industrial civilization, or in the process of dying. The photos in this video do not lie, and they cannot be undone.
    How we “fight” is another vexing question – “fight” as in who gets punched or attacked or assaulted- ourselves?
    Well, other than those cheery thoughts, have a nice day,

    1. I understand where you are coming from. I feel that too – but I cannot allow myself to concede that the game is over. There are things that can be done. We can reverse the damage – whether we will or not remains to be seen.

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