Poetry – I Fell In Love

I Fell In Love

I fell in love with you

                The first time

                                My eyes opened;

As you swirled and spun

                In your green and blue raiment,

With your white wisps

                Of gossamer

                                Covering your curves.

I fell in love with you

                As seasons changed

                                The colours of your clothes,

As creature played

                Among the fabric

                                Of your dress,

As night and day

                Played with the

                                Shadows on your face.

I fell in love with you.

Opher – 16.12.2019

This is my ode to the planet, to nature, the mother of us all; an ode to the majesty and beauty of our maternal home.

What is there not to love about such splendour, such grace and such mystery?

It is an honour to call this home, to look out in wonder at a whole universe.

It is incredible to close ones eyes and imagine us spinning through space in this cosmic dance around the sun, around the galaxy, through the cosmos.

It blows my mind.

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