In The Wake of Progress

In The Wake of Progress

In the wake of progress

                Who pays the price?

                                Stripping away the delusions

In the pursuit of plenty

                                                                                As we roll the dice

Without any solutions.

Forget the trees,

                The bird and butterfly,

                                As the chainsaws buzz.

Communities all decline.

                                                                                All the creatures die

Let’s not make a fuss.

Opher – 14.12.2022

Progress is a mixed blessing. The word seems to infer improvement. If that is the case then we have to ask the question: is it progress at all?

When were human beings happiest?

As carefree hunter gatherers?

As early farmers?

As Victorian factory workers?

As present-day rat-racers?

We’ve certainly got much more in the way of material wealth and medical care. We can travel. We have the technology – but…

When was nature at its best?

Before the dawn of man?

Before the hunters wiped out all the mega fauna?

Before the forests were cut down for agriculture?

Before the cities and concrete highways?

Before the world population grew to 8 Billion?

When I look around at the slums, depravation, rubbish dumps, urban decay, wars, pollution and smog – where there used to be forests and wildlife – sometimes I wonder.

What is the price of progress?