Walk Lightly and be Fair.

I believe that the eight billion humans are causing too much destruction of the natural world.

We should take care of nature. We are part of it.

The world has far too much inequality. We need more fairness.


The Statistics behind the destruction of our planet!

These two sets of statistics are the core stark realities behind global warming, migration, and pressure on food and water resources.
In just 70 years:-

Growth in total world population:
1951 — 2,584,034,261
2021 — 7,874,965,825

Growth in total world emissions of CO2:
1951 — 6 billion tonnes
2021 — 36 billion tonnes

Sadly, with COP26, it looks like the can, containing the ‘greener solutions’, will get kicked, yet again, further down the road. ☹️

Those are the stats during my lifetime!!

What do I glean from this?

  1. There are far too many of us!
  2. We have having far too big an impact on a fragile ecosystem!
  3. We need to do something about it!

Thanks John Crosby!!

Poetry – The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come

The day came

When the last bird croaked;

When the last breath

Of fresh air

Blew across the last blade of grass;

And everyone walked about

In protective suits,

Breathing manufactured air

Pumped in

From the chemical plants.

But they were no longer human.

Opher – 24.7.2019

The day will come.

We are laying down the framework for the future. It can be whatever we want. But instead of making sensible decisions we are drifting along in a consumer nightmare. Mindlessly we are stumbling like sheep towards the abattoir. The day will come but we don’t have to help it on its way.

Poetry – Nature on the Run

Nature on the Run

Nature on the run

In a great killing spree;

Chainsaws, chemicals and bullets

By political decree.

Rainforests – the lungs

Of the world –

In danger of choking

As all the trees are felled.

Displaced creatures

Crawl off to die.

As thoughtless greed

Threatens you and I.

Opher – 8.7.2019

There is a great madness at work as we continue to plunder and pillage nature without a thought for the future.

Species after species is sent tumbling to extinction so that executives of corporations and politicians can live in luxury.

Without a thought for tree or creature we are ripping up the world.

Bolsonaro puts profit before Nature.

Global Finance – Chris Riddell

Blah Blah Blah

Talk but no action. Will the wealthy take a hit to save the future or will greed prevail as always?

Will the politicians risk jeopardising re-election? Or will they really sell it to the electorates?

Will the world pull back from the brink or topple over the edge?

Is Gaia taking revenge?

Poetry – Overpopulation is the Cause

Overpopulation is the cause

Overpopulation is the cause of the pain.

Eight billion mouths to feed.

Sixteen billion feet head off in search of food.

While the population breed.

They are chopping down the trees

Killing everything that moves.

Providing for their children and

Ignoring anyone who disapproves.

But there’s only so much wilderness

So many creatures to eat.

They are battling against nature

And inflicting a defeat.

Opher 24.4.2019

We can’t go on chopping down the forests and killing everything. There are limits.

With eight billion mouths needing feeding, huge numbers of fish to be dragged from the water, massive amounts of land cleared and used for agriculture, we are reaching the limit.

Our sheer numbers are destroying the world.

Poetry – Ode to Greta Thunberg

Ode to Greta Thunberg

It takes a schoolgirl like Greta Thunberg

To point the way.

In a world without an iceberg

We’ll have had our day.

With our cities under water

Life will not be the same.

It takes a young Swedish daughter

To change the game.

Eight billion refugees will be set loose

As the weather alters.

We’ll need to be waterproof

Or else listen to Swedish daughters.

Opher – 24.4.2019

Who would have thought that a young schoolgirl to get people to pay attention. With her schoolchildren sit-ins she has forced politicians to pay attention to what is going on. More power to her.

The young are the future. They will inherit the Earth from us. We need to leave it in good shape.

This last few hundred years has been a disaster for the planet.

We, as a species, have gone berserk. Our numbers have gone through the roof. Our technology has gone astronomical. We have massacred the wildlife, decimated the forests, polluted the oceans and filled the air with our effluent.

Three hundred years ago we seemed to think the world’s resources were infinite. We are clearly seeing they are not.

Unless we step back from the brink and bring sanity to bear we will wreck the world we depend on.

Greta Thunberg knows this. Why is it so many older people fail to grasp it?