The Earth is All There Is!!

We share this absolute gem of a planet with all life. We are interconnected. It’s precious. 8 billion of us are trashing it. Time we starting using our intelligence!!

8 thoughts on “The Earth is All There Is!!

  1. The one and only. One time around for everything. What a place earth is and how bloody lucky we have the chance to be here. Cheers. When I think about it, it’s great getting older, just gotta keep it up. Cheers GROG

      1. Hello Opher. I just read a bit of your bio. Very interesting. Have you always lived in England? I have a few years on you, being born in 1935. I always felt I missed being a beatnick and when the 1960’s came along I was a bit too old as well. I moved to Australia in 1970 for about 5 years. Unlike you, with only one wife, I’ve had three. What a life?! Hang in there, there’s more to come. Cheers. GROG

      2. Cheers Grog!! Live life to the full!! That’s what it’s about!! Oh – and do it with care and compassion!! All the best to you out in OZ! I wish we’d gone there back in the 80s.

      3. Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I didn’t want to go on too much. I should get a bio written. My maternal grandparents’ names were Wood and Shaw, so I have a bit of connection with the UK. I only lived in Oz for about 5 years. The US until I got a job in Japan in 1987. I am impressed by your many books. Stay safe. GROG

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