The Corona Diaries – Day 615

I’ve been unceremoniously dumped offline by Storm Arwen!! It caused a power surge that burnt out the socket to my internet. I’ve had no internet, phone or TV. Normally if the internet goes down I do at least have TV from my aerial but it seems that the high winds also broke a connection in my cable.

It’s at times like these that one realises just how dependent we are on power and the internet.

The repairmen have visited and my life is back to the imitation of normal that passes as normal for me!! All is good.

Owing to visits, cold, ice and rain I have not been for my daily walks for the last three days!! Dogastrophe! (Like a catastrophe but bigger with more bite!).

I have been doing building work and decoration on my writing room though. Looking good.

I completed the first draft of my Beefheart book and have started the rewrite. That’ll keep me busy!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our bumbling apology for a Prime Minister continues to amaze. I find it hard to believe that 40% of the British public still think he’s fit to lead the country. What level of sleaze and incompetence does it take for people to wake up to what a disaster the man is. Not only has he buggered up every single thing he’s touched, lied at every opportunity, presented himself as a shambles, cost the country countless billions and tens of thousands of lives, but he is secretly conniving to undermine democracy by controlling the TV channels. He avoids all scrutiny and ensures he is not accountable for anything. It is scary.

This is a man who has no morality, flouts laws and rules, lies and is busy lining his pockets.

You can see clearly that he is modelling himself on Trump.

Osama Bin Laden won, didn’t he?? His brand of terrorists sparked a massive set of wars, millions of migrants, a wave of racism and xenophobia which resulted in a great lurch to the right with the strengthening of fascism. It gave us Trump, Johnson, Oban, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi – a bunch of extreme right-wing populist monsters. It gave us Brexit and has severely weakened the West.

We’re in mess. Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t have believed how well his plan has worked!!

You can always count on fear, tribalism and racism to bring out the very worst in people and you can always count on right-wing populists to stir up hatred and division for their own end.

How stupid we all are!! We keep repeating the same pattern!!

Last time it was Hitler, Mussolini and Franco and it took a world war to get rid of the fascists. This time they are storming the Capitol and breaking us away from our trading partners.

Trump was an unmitigated disaster for America.

Brexit is a complete disaster for the UK.

Both have severely weakened the West.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have both been lost and caused immense damage to us.

I just shake my head.

Trump and Johnson have been useless at dealing with Covid and Global Warming. Both are self-serving liars from overprivileged backgrounds, conmen who have taken us for a ride while loading cash into their own pockets. are nasty scheming liars pretending to be down with ordinary people.

More fool us for being taken in!!

So, today there were 42,144 new cases with only 35 deaths – the vaccine is working well. But Omicron is on its way.

There are now 22 known cases and they think it could already have been circulating for months!! I bet they are a bit miffed that they didn’t share the vaccines and do the whole world instead of allowing a breeding ground for variants.

Omicron looks nasty. It is causing panic among scientists and politicians. They think it will reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. We’ll see.

It does seem more transmissible but a little less nasty. Time will tell.

It is possible that the virus will evolve to transmit better but not cause major illness in most people. Keeping the host alive to spread the disease is a good thing for a virus.

Evolution is blind. The mutations are random. We’ll see which way it goes. It could get more transmissible and less nasty or it could become a lot nastier.

If it breeds faster in cells it will produce more toxins and make people iller.

The politicians obviously believe that the vaccines will still work, even if less efficiently. They are trying to get all adults vaccinated with boosters by January. They want to slow transmission and try to keep on top of the omicron.

We’re in big trouble. Johnson says there is no need to do anything. He always lies so there obviously is!!

Wearing masks and distancing is not going to be enough. Out Track and Trace will probably get another £37 billion so that it can continue to be useless. Johnson says that there is no need for work from home or avoiding Christmas parties. So I’m working from home and avoiding parties!!

It’s going to take three months to tweak the vaccine. Until then we are in the hands of a twerp who couldn’t lead the way out of his own house!!

Stay Safe!! At least my internet’s on!!

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