Poetry – Energy


Energy is the only exchange,

                Art the only purpose.

Symbols trap reality

                Perception changes

                                Senses evolve

We learn to understand.


The enemy.


A down payment

                For a better future.

Opher – 7.2021

Living together in harmony with each other and the world, creatively, is the best we can hope for.

Poetry – Bigger than the parts

Bigger than the parts

Once there was one

That transformed into billions,

All working in harmony, mysteriously,

All the same; all different,

Performing their tasks

For the good of them all,

To join in oneness

To create something

Much bigger than them all.

Opher – 22.6.2019

We all started from an egg – a single cell that split and split into billions – all identical genetically yet all differentiated into different types of cells. The worked together to form tissues and organs, mysteriously transformed, organised, and all with their roles, all different, all part of the whole. They create a new oneness – an identity – something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Poetry – Hard Times are Coming

Hard Times are coming

From the waterworld to the droughts –

Hard times are coming.

From the Sahara ocean to the Artic desert,

Hard times are on their way.

Growing crops on mountain tops –

Hard times are coming.

From the arid Amazon to the flooded Gobi,

Hard times are on their way.

Fishing over Holland, trawling Bangladesh –

Hard times are coming.

Our cities under water our fields now sea,

Hard times are on their way.

Opher 24.4.2019

If we allow climate change to occur we will unleash forces that will devastate our civilisations and bring an end to everything we have.

In the past, when we were small in number and nomadic hunter gatherers, we simply moved to higher ground. Not so easily with eight million and the infrastructure and agriculture on low lying land. Not so easy with the need to feed eight billion.

Hard times are coming.

Poetry – Overpopulation is the Cause

Overpopulation is the cause

Overpopulation is the cause of the pain.

Eight billion mouths to feed.

Sixteen billion feet head off in search of food.

While the population breed.

They are chopping down the trees

Killing everything that moves.

Providing for their children and

Ignoring anyone who disapproves.

But there’s only so much wilderness

So many creatures to eat.

They are battling against nature

And inflicting a defeat.

Opher 24.4.2019

We can’t go on chopping down the forests and killing everything. There are limits.

With eight billion mouths needing feeding, huge numbers of fish to be dragged from the water, massive amounts of land cleared and used for agriculture, we are reaching the limit.

Our sheer numbers are destroying the world.

Poetry – Balance


Teetering 0n the brink

It’s all about balance and sense.

Clinging to life on the edge

For so many creatures it’s intense.

Do we possess the balance

Or do we not really care?

Is everything for the taking?

Do we want more than our own share?

Can we find the balance?

Or will our numbers swamp the earth?

Do we kill without a thought?

Not caring what any of it is worth?

One planet out of balance –

Plundered, ripped and torn;

Bewildered animals murdered

For fur, for space for horn.

Rivers, oceans, Jungles

Denuded, poisoned and cut down.

Gun and saw, fire and net

Turning land from green to brown.

Where’s the balance?

Opher 3.2.2019

A good balance would leave half the planet to nature and for us to live in the other half.

But no – we have to plunder and pillage for profit no matter what the cost.

Poetry – Planet Earth

Planet Earth

It is the thirteenth of June 2018

On a warm summer’s day

That I have spent writing and reading.

It was a pleasant day.

Yet there were no swifts in the sky this afternoon.

I am sorry for that.

My garden is full of flowers and the grass is mown

But there is no room for nature.

I am sorry for that too.

What are we doing to you?

How can you bear it?

As we dig and chop,

Fence and rip,

Sterilise and sanitise.

Is this what you want?

That we should tame and reduce?

Tie you in knots?

And reduce your complexity

To our simplicity?

How long will you put up with it?

Mother Earth

Are you powerless?

Planet earth can you hear me?

I am talking to you.

You gave me so much

And I value it all.

But this is becoming less by the day.

How can you bear to see so much destroyed?

So many creatures killed?

So much cruelty and pain?

Planet Earth

Is it alright if we cause you to bleed like this?

Planet Earth

You’ve given me a full life

Laden with stars, sunsets and rainbows

Rocks, trees and seas,

Creatures of all kinds,

Plants and wonders

Always wonders –

How can I repay you?

You’ve been my home for 69 years –

An endless time of love and change.

All I can do

Is say thank you.

I am so sorry.

Opher 13.6.2018

I do not happen to believe in Gaia – that the planet is really alive and has consciousness. At least I don’t think so. That type of mysticism is attractive but fanciful.

But I did find it an interesting poetic idea to talk to her as if she was alive.

So what is there to be said?

It seemed to me that the most important thing was to apologize for the mess we are making.

Life is so obviously the jewel in the crown. Life, in all its forms, is a marvel. Yet do we hold it sacred? No we do not. We are destroying species after species, ravaging habitats with impunity and treating life with disdain.

There is an arrogance about mankind that insists that humans are the only worthwhile life upon the planet. That is risible. All life is important. We all started from that same one miracle cell. We’ve all evolved for the same length of time. We all fit together in this remarkable jigsaw puzzle of life. Yet that is the jigsaw puzzle that we are dismantling. We are throwing away piece after piece. Soon we will lose sight of the big picture.

We need to start appreciating it.

I’m sorry Planet Earth. We’re acting like spoilt brats.

Poetry – The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything

Everything has a price –

From a pen to a kidney;

From a baby to a new knee.

If you have the money

You can buy anything –

From a woman to a gold ring;

From a tree to a bird’s wing.

You can buy the land,

The water – even blood.

From a book to a life;

A trinket to a wife.

You can purchase an elephant

Or an elegant diamond stud.

Everything has a price –

From a new heart to a glove;

From a pin to simulation of love.

With enough cash

You can buy everything.

You can set out a new city

Lay it out and plane it.

The one thing you can’t afford

Is a new planet.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We are bought and sold.

Nothing is sacred.

There is nothing that cannot be bought.

The rarer something is the greater its price.

The last elephant tusk will be bought and sold.

Your daughters have a price.

Your life is cheap.

We consume and consume. There is no limit, no rationale, no control.

We consume our souls, our world and every creature and living organism around us.

We are on a sealed unit hurtling through space.

There is no life-raft.

We are buying and selling the very thing we depend on to stay afloat.

We cannot buy another.

Once it’s gone it’s gone.

How to change the world for the better! Easy steps!

The first step is to acknowledge that things are not so bad as they might be:

  • We are not dead
  • We are not starving
  • We are not at war
  • Hardly anyone has been killed by terrorism
  • We are quite comfortable
  • We are not cold
  • We are not in great danger
  • Our children and grandchildren are safe
  • If we need help we will be taken care of

In fact we are exceedingly lucky when compared to the conditions most of the world lives in!

The second step is to realise that most of the things we worry about do have solutions:

  • Islamic terrorism will be defeated
  • War in Syria/Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan will come to an end
  • The environment can be protected
  • Poaching of rhino and elephants can be stopped
  • Overpopulation can be dealt with
  • Global corporations can be controlled
  • Inequality and poverty can be addressed
  • Racism, sexism and xenophobia can be addressed
  • We can create global legislation
  • We can enforce global laws
  • We can prevent and cure cancer and heart disease
  • We can set up a colony on Mars and the Moon

All it takes is the will. Some of the things are hard but they are not impossible.

The third step is to recognise that there are a lot of things that are much better now:

  • We have had peace in Europe for the longest time in history
  • We do not have marauders coming through killing us
  • We live comfortably without great threat
  • We are not cold and hungry
  • We have a much better standard of living than our parents and grandparents
  • We can travel the world
  • Violence and murder is on the decrease
  • Racism and sexism are being addressed
  • There is no systematic cruelty to animals – dog fighting, badger baiting, cock fighting
  • We have welfare and support for those in need
  • We live in far greater comfort
  • We live longer
  • Education is much better

We have a tendency to think that things were better in the past. But they weren’t. Looking back over the last three hundred years you can see the journey we have made. We have become more civilised.

Over the next hundred years we can, via the internet and education, create a quantum leap forward.

The fourth step is to help build that change in mass psychology – the new positive zeitgeist:

  • To be optimistic
  • To highlight the problems and issues that need addressing
  • To harry and force politicians to act
  • To provide a positive force for change
  • To be outward looking, full of compassion and realism

In future posts I will outline my thinking on how to deal with all of the major issues besetting us. They are all able to be solved.

Poetry – Miniscule in Reality – A poem of awe and wonder

P1110933 (2)

Miniscule in Reality

I am always in awe of nature; there’s a wonder at work. Infinity with its swirling galaxies, spinning atoms and amazing mysteries of consciousness is inspiring, is full of majesty, is uplifting.

There is a harmony in a sunset, rainbow and the glow it produces. There is a spirit in the rocks, trees and seas. To sit beside the crashing waves and feel the breeze in ones face connects us to the universe. To feel the sun upon the face and bask in its benevolent warmth is to feel the congruence.

There is a mystical force that is natural, beyond religion, and integral to that dynamo of nature through which we are all one.

Calm and peaceful, without barriers as the vibration of energy flows through and on, forever.

Miniscule in Reality

Glowing dawns and standing stones,

Mystic storms, vibrations in the wind

And majestic trees.

Skies that swirl with stars,

Chasms of glowing rock at sunset

And crashing seas.

There’s a wonder at work –

A celestial spectacle of awe.

There’s a mystery in the mind

That’s knocking at our door.

Standing before the horizon

Outlined against infinity

Feeling large against the sky

But miniscule in reality.

Opher – 1.8.2016