Poetry – Energy


Energy is the only exchange,

                Art the only purpose.

Symbols trap reality

                Perception changes

                                Senses evolve

We learn to understand.


The enemy.


A down payment

                For a better future.

Opher – 7.2021

Living together in harmony with each other and the world, creatively, is the best we can hope for.

Poetry – Patterns


There is an energy

That pervades the universe;

Connects everything

With the hum of its electricity.

There is a vibration

That runs through everything,

That brings harmony

With its unifying force.

There are no edges

Between this and that,

Or you and me,

For we are porous.

We connect to that flow,

That pervading hum,

As if we are not there –

And perhaps we are not?

Are we merely part

Of that cosmic flow?

A pattern amid the many patterns

Of happy happenstance?

Opher 3.8.2018

Energy flows through the universe passing through all matter as if it wasn’t there.

What appears to be a solid barrier is really an illusion.

We are patterns. All things are patterns. We change. We flow with the flow.

What are these patterns? What do they mean?

Poetry – Imperfect – A poem about reality and our limited senses.



We think we see the world as it is but we are wrong. We think we see reality but our view is only partial.

Our senses evolved to enable us to sense the world around us, to find food, seek a mate and avoid predators. Nothing more.

Evolution is very hit and miss. By chance a sense was created and then, through a million refinements honed to the standard we currently possess – imperfection. Each sense stumbled upon provided an advantage to the mutant that gave it a higher survival chance. We are left with the sum total of those random mutations. It is not even good.

We experience the world through touch, sight, sound, taste and smell imperfectly. It is enough to get us around, to avoid obstacles, avoid heat and cold, find things and even communicate. But it lacks range and depth.

If only we could smell like a dog. I would love to smell like a dog.

If only we could see like a bee. Flowers would be a whole new different world.

If only we had the eyesight of a hawk, the mysterious sense of a homing pigeon, the night-sight of an owl or the senses of a fish or whale.

If only.

Our senses are limited to a tiny range of the electro-magnetic spectrum. We are surrounded with myriad energy forms that we cannot detect or ‘see’. Radio waves and Alpha, Gamma, Beta all pass straight through without so much as an acknowledgement. We are so limited.

I would say reality is the sum total of being able to ‘see’ and delight in every single type of energy and matter. We’re a million miles away from that!

A few billion years more and we might have a few improvements.

What glorious universe would we be able to see if we truly saw reality?




Imperfect –

Seeing partially

A fraction

Of the universe


To me.




Flying by

Holding the key

To other views,

Further news

And mystery.


How would

The world look

If we only

Had eyes to see

In X-ray


Or UV?


We think we see

But we are blind

To reality.


Opher 8.11.2015