Human Rights – The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights – Article 3.

Human Rights – The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights – Article 3.

Article 3.

  • Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Give people the means to have a reasonable quality of life.

That means more equality and freedom, less indoctrination, less selfishness and greed and more compassion and harmony.

That means universal laws to respect people’s freedom, education, and security. So they cannot be bullied by governments, or religions or killed or intimidated by fanatics, wrongly imprisoned, tortured or prevented from having views and a choice.

It is simple really!!!

Poetry – Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Let’s hear it for the good guys –

The ones who make life so much better;

The teachers who awaken minds

Freeing lives from their fetters;

The nurses who care for the suffering

And the doctors who care;

The poets who express it all

And don’t get their fair share;

For the volunteers and carers

Who give up all their time;

The artists and dancers

Whose creations are prime;

The guys who do the dirty jobs

So we can live at ease;

The miners and sewage workers

Whose efforts never cease;

The scientists and technologists

Whose discoveries improve;

The leaders who are genuine

Of whom I do approve;

The musicians who soothe and stir;

The writers who shed light,

The police who face brutality

And environmentalists who fight!

Let’s hear for the good guys

Who do not get the rewards

Of the bankers and executives

Who sit upon their boards!

Opher 3.12.2018

We are always quick to criticise, to pick on the greedy and selfish. That’s OK that is important to do. Those who do things wrong need castigating. They deserve the brickbats.

But what of the billions of people who are always there with a smile, whose compassion and care, whose creativity, whose energy and enthusiasm lifts all around them.

What of the people who put in all the effort doing the jobs that they rest of us would shun? The people who put themselves at risk every day?

What about the people who protect and nourish, who look after the world we live in?

Those are the many! Those are the ones we should give credit to and wish to emulate!

Poetry – Take Heart Too

Take Heart Too

Take heart from those who see the bigger picture

And realise they are minor players

Within a mighty stroke of luck

That gave us eyes to see;

For they are aglow

With understanding

And see each second

As a gift.

Opher 16.6.2018

I wrote this as an adjunct to the previous piece. It always seems amazing to me that evolution has provided us with the brain, consciousness and senses with which to glimpse this most amazing universe. What a stroke of fabulous luck! We should celebrate every second of it.

Consciousness is a thing of wonder.

What if there were no conscious beings to witness the majesty of this cosmos? What a waste.

Poetry – Take Heart

Take Heart

Take heart from the ones whose hearts are large,

Whose eyes see with soft glow

And whose hands caress and care.

For they are the ones who know

That they live within a mystery,

On a journey within wondrous lands

Where everything is a marvel

And everything has worth.

Take heart from those who see and care

And adore all that they behold

For they would build and love and feel

And so turn everything to gold.

Take heart from the ones who appreciate

That everything has its place

From sun, moon and mountain

To gnat, flea and worm.

Opher 16.6.2018

We opened our eyes into a beautiful universe. We came from nothing and will return to nothing. In the meantime we have all this and we take it for granted. It is so wondrous.

There are those who can see that wonder all around us. Those are the ones we should take heart from. They are living.

There are those who would look to build, to make things better, to provide a pleasant word or helping hand. They are the ones we should take heart from. They are worth so much more than the mindless nasty types.

There are those who realise the incredible wonder of every living thing. They see the amazing wonder of our evolution and our place within the spectrum of life. We should take heart from them.

So here’s to the positive forces that live among us!

Poetry – Trolls 2

Trolls 2

Pusillanimous pustules

Posing as people.

Self-righteous scum

Swimming in sewage.

Pompous pricks

Primping and posturing.

Horrendous charlatans

Howling and hurling.

Unwanted guests.

Obnoxious pests.

Opinionated prats.

Cowardly rats.

Skulking in rags.

Under false flags.

Dripping with bile

And venom most vile.

With the stench of a skunk

And intelligence shrunk.

Spewing their scorn

Like the devil’s spawn.

Mindless morons

With detestable manners.

Full of hatred

Spewed under many banners.

Fortunately their logic is easily defeated

With the press of a finger their hate is deleted.

Trolls Trolls Trolls

Trip trap trip trap

Get back in your holes.

Trip trap trip trap

Trolls Trolls Trolls

Who cares for your crap?

Opher 24.5.2018

Well I enjoyed writing this. There is a power in alliteration.

The world is full of three types of people. There are those who are positive and sunny who would build and make things better. There are those who are mean-minded and who seek to destroy and make things worse. There are a bunch who obliviously don’t care.

The trolls are the destroyers. I despise them all. They are small minded and destructive like the soul-sucking dementors in Harry Potter. We could do without them all!

How to change the world for the better! Easy steps!

The first step is to acknowledge that things are not so bad as they might be:

  • We are not dead
  • We are not starving
  • We are not at war
  • Hardly anyone has been killed by terrorism
  • We are quite comfortable
  • We are not cold
  • We are not in great danger
  • Our children and grandchildren are safe
  • If we need help we will be taken care of

In fact we are exceedingly lucky when compared to the conditions most of the world lives in!

The second step is to realise that most of the things we worry about do have solutions:

  • Islamic terrorism will be defeated
  • War in Syria/Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan will come to an end
  • The environment can be protected
  • Poaching of rhino and elephants can be stopped
  • Overpopulation can be dealt with
  • Global corporations can be controlled
  • Inequality and poverty can be addressed
  • Racism, sexism and xenophobia can be addressed
  • We can create global legislation
  • We can enforce global laws
  • We can prevent and cure cancer and heart disease
  • We can set up a colony on Mars and the Moon

All it takes is the will. Some of the things are hard but they are not impossible.

The third step is to recognise that there are a lot of things that are much better now:

  • We have had peace in Europe for the longest time in history
  • We do not have marauders coming through killing us
  • We live comfortably without great threat
  • We are not cold and hungry
  • We have a much better standard of living than our parents and grandparents
  • We can travel the world
  • Violence and murder is on the decrease
  • Racism and sexism are being addressed
  • There is no systematic cruelty to animals – dog fighting, badger baiting, cock fighting
  • We have welfare and support for those in need
  • We live in far greater comfort
  • We live longer
  • Education is much better

We have a tendency to think that things were better in the past. But they weren’t. Looking back over the last three hundred years you can see the journey we have made. We have become more civilised.

Over the next hundred years we can, via the internet and education, create a quantum leap forward.

The fourth step is to help build that change in mass psychology – the new positive zeitgeist:

  • To be optimistic
  • To highlight the problems and issues that need addressing
  • To harry and force politicians to act
  • To provide a positive force for change
  • To be outward looking, full of compassion and realism

In future posts I will outline my thinking on how to deal with all of the major issues besetting us. They are all able to be solved.