Poetry – Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Let’s hear it for the good guys –

The ones who make life so much better;

The teachers who awaken minds

Freeing lives from their fetters;

The nurses who care for the suffering

And the doctors who care;

The poets who express it all

And don’t get their fair share;

For the volunteers and carers

Who give up all their time;

The artists and dancers

Whose creations are prime;

The guys who do the dirty jobs

So we can live at ease;

The miners and sewage workers

Whose efforts never cease;

The scientists and technologists

Whose discoveries improve;

The leaders who are genuine

Of whom I do approve;

The musicians who soothe and stir;

The writers who shed light,

The police who face brutality

And environmentalists who fight!

Let’s hear for the good guys

Who do not get the rewards

Of the bankers and executives

Who sit upon their boards!

Opher 3.12.2018

We are always quick to criticise, to pick on the greedy and selfish. That’s OK that is important to do. Those who do things wrong need castigating. They deserve the brickbats.

But what of the billions of people who are always there with a smile, whose compassion and care, whose creativity, whose energy and enthusiasm lifts all around them.

What of the people who put in all the effort doing the jobs that they rest of us would shun? The people who put themselves at risk every day?

What about the people who protect and nourish, who look after the world we live in?

Those are the many! Those are the ones we should give credit to and wish to emulate!

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