Poetry – Wonders


Spinning atoms,

                Spinning stars,

                                Spiralling arcs

Of fiery sparks.

Lighting up the heavens

                Creating dreams

                                Where even reality

Is not as it seems.

Energy flies,

                Matter jiggles,

                                Thoughts meander,

Truth wriggles.

A whole universe

                From out of nowhere

                                A whole consciousness

Out of thin air.

From DNA

                To evolution

                                Amazing life

In rich fruition.

Opher – 28.9.2019

Anyone who is not in awe concerning the nature of our universe, the mystery of consciousness or the beauty that surrounds us, must surely be a moron.

Poetry – The Best Minds of My Generation

The Best Minds of my Generation

I watched the best minds of my generation struggling to discover the truth,

Striving to establish equality,

Learning to respect the universe in which we find ourselves

And dreaming of discovering a better, more meaningful, way to live.

I watched the best minds of my generation applying their whole being

Into filling their lives with wonder,

Celebrating the beauty of existence

And expressing their lust for sensation.

I saw them laugh, rant and argue,

Rabid with passion,

With bulging eyes and wild gesticulations,

Desperate to communicate the ideas in their heads

Before they dissipated into the ether,

Until their tongues were too exhausted to sing,

Their limbs too exhausted to dance,

Their organs too exhausted to love,

And their minds too numb to think.

So that they finally subsided

Into contemplative ecstasy

And slept wherever they found themselves.

Opher 20.8.2019

I was fortunate to find myself among a group of artistic people who were eager to expand their horizons and were never content to lead a mundane life. They were explorers of inner space, travellers and creators.  They were as eager as me to delve into the possibilities and mysteries that surrounded them.

They were not prepared to accept the ordinary and always strived to unearth the extraordinary.

I was very fortunate.

Poetry – The Thin Blue line of life.

The Thin Blue line of life.

Just a thin blue line around the edge of the globe,

A tiny layer of life.

It glows electric blue against the background of space

On the edge of a knife.

Sustained by circumstance in a delicate network

Of life and magnetism.

As chlorophyll uses sunshine and carbon dioxide to give

Our atmosphere its baptism.

So when we look up the sky is blue

As the warmth and light from our star comes through.

The beauty of our planet could so easily be supplanted.

We really shouldn’t take it for granted.

Opher – 14.6.2019

When I see photos of the Earth from space I am always astounded by how thin our layer of atmosphere really is. It is held in place by our magnetic field that prevents it being swept away by the solar wind. Its composition created by plants. So many other things combining to create that thin blue line that sustains us all.

It is delicate.

We fill it with smoke, chop done our forests and pollute our seas. Yet we expect it to remain unchanged.

Perhaps we should not take it for granted?

We Came From Oblivion

We Came From Oblivion

We came from oblivion and opened our eyes

Upon a wondrous universe.

We lived to fill each second with marvels.

We lived to the full.

Then we closed our eyes

And went back to the oblivion

From whence we had come.

There were no fairy tales;

No reawakenings;

No meetings,

Just oblivion.

It was not long enough.

It is never long enough.

Yet it was long enough.

Opher – 5.3. 2017

It seems so human to me to attempt to deal with death by imagining mystical reunions, reincarnations or an afterlife in some future world that lasts for ever.

I see us as biological organisms living in a physical universe of wonder.

I think it is amazing. That is enough for me.

Life is an amazing phenomenon.

Life is to be lived to the maximum. Not to waste a second. It is rarely long enough.

Poetry – Another Ode to Joy

Another Ode to Joy

There is already an ode to joy

But there can never be too many.

No attempt to capture the slant

Of the sun’s rays over a bay;

A sunset viewed from a mountain top;

Or touch of the hand in love

Can ever be of lesser value.

Each is a connection

To the joy of life –

No less, no more.

Though some may be greater

In their eloquence,

The essence

Of their endeavour

Is the same.

They all salute and recognise

That same majesty

That abounds in all things

And emanates

From that self-same joy.

So this is yet another ode to that same joy.

We open our eyes into a wonder.

This universe is pure joy.

I will wonder at it once more.

Opher 1.6.2019

I often stand back in wonder at the sight of some wondrous sight in nature. We can never have too much. Nature is a mystical joy.

Poetry – Accidents


Trillions of accidents down billions of years

Brought me to you.

Clashes of stars in a fiery sky

Now placidly blue.

Unimaginable energy to twist the sand

In boiling a sea.

As x-rays and electricity pelt the land

To bring you to me.

As we stand beneath the stars

Of eternity

And marvel at the delight

That we came to be

On the cusp of impossibility.

Opher 4.6.2019

This is a love poem through the ages; standing on the brink of eternity, an incredible unlikely event – just once in billions of years – accidents in eternity. Billions of years of change, of chance, of astounding wonder, have conspired to provide us with the eyes, ears and touch as we taste the universe together.

What stupendous almost impossibilities conspired to create life and evolve intelligence. Yet we are here. We are peering up at an infinite sky through zillion and zillions of stars. What majesty. What wonder.

Poetry – Once


Only once!


In eternity,

                Out of nothing,

                                Into something!

From mineral

                To animal!

From mindless

                To conscious!


                Of how


There was nothing!


Opher 12.5.2019

There are the usual amazing things that boggle my mind – Like how a whole universe of zillions of stars came out of nothing – or how a bunch of minerals on a tiny planet in a minor galaxy all came together to form something that we describe as being alive – or how that life evolved to create feelings, consciousness and was even able to contemplate the wonders around it.


But hey – I don’t feel the need to create something even more fantastical to explain it. I’m content to be boggled.

Poetry – I Hope

I Hope

I hope you open your eyes

And see the world.

I hope you see the wonder

Of the creatures

We share it with.

I hope you do not sleep

Through your life.

There is so much

To see and do –

So much beauty.

It is so easy

To sleepwalk

Through it all.

One day you blink

And it is over.

Opher 16.4.2019

I feel that so many people go through life without recognising the great beauty and wonder they are surrounded with. Every breath is amazing, every blink reveals splendour, every sound, every touch and taste is there to be savoured.

The universe is wondrous. It is so sad not to recognise that and revel in it. Nature is inspiring.

Poetry – The World That Could Be

The World That Could Be

There’s the world that could be

The world that will be

And the world that is.

All that stands between them

Is us.

Opher 3.4.2019

Some people see life as something that happens to them that they are not in control of. Some people believe that the world is so big that we can have no effect on it.

I think this is plainly nonsense.

We can see quite clearly that humans have already had an enormous impact on the planet. Now the 8 Billion of us are sufficient in number and great enough in our technological impact to devastate the world.

I do not share the view that we are impotent. We are in control of both our lives and our impact on the planet.

We should respect and cherish both.