Poetry – Tiny Blue Jewel

Tiny Blue Jewel

A tiny blue jewel

                Floating in the dark.

An atom in the midst

                                                Of a sea.

Home for us all,

                Everything that lives,

                                A wonder

                                                Lost in eternity.

Everything related

                In a wondrous web

                                A marvel

                                                Of glorious harmony.

Opher – 9.5.2021

I never get over the wonder of the universe, its immensity, and our life on this tiny planet, an insignificant speck, an atom in an ocean.

Yet on this speck is all the life that has ever been – supporting itself and each other in a complex web.

We are part of this incredible unlikelihood. Amazing.

Poetry – A Streak Of Lightnin’

A Streak Of Lightnin’

There was a streak of lightning in the Goldilocks zone

It worked its magic on a lump of stone.

Nature’s fury.

A burst of UV.

Sufficient for creation.

A dose of hard radiation.

An amazing feat.

With lots of heat.

What time has taught her

With plenty of water.

A chemical reaction that resembles magic

Fermenting for billions of years.

Creating something so absolutely fantastic

To fill the eyes with wondrous tears.

Metamorphosing by the trillion

To finally dream under the sun.

Mammalian, virus and reptilian

Ever evolving from whence it begun.

Rising out of the mud

Spawning skin, bone, leaf and blood.

Electricity still coursing through the gel

Of wondrous life in every cell.

That one spark in the Goldilocks zone

Set fire to a zillion clones.

Firing up brains as with the great Shakespeare

Leaving me in awe as I sit here.

Opher – 9.5.2021

Billions of years ago, in one place on a tiny planet in the middle of nowhere, a flash of electricity gave rise to life.

To me that is much more amazing than all the religious explanations I have ever heard – much more fantastic, much more awesome – and much, much, much more likely.

From that one instant of unique chemistry all life on this planet evolved.

That is much more stupendous that anything in the bible, koran and bhagavad gita put together. Fantastic that it is it is still far more believable than all the gods created out of the imagination of men.

The result of that one reaction billions of years ago is writing this.


Scotland – Majestic Lochs, Glens and Wildlife. Photos.

The beauty of the landscape is undeniable. The weather can be a bit tricky but we were incredibly lucky to have unbroken sunshine.

We clambered up hills and mountains to gain spectacular views. We walked around lochs and saw amazing wildlife.

We looked at the castles and read about the enclosures and harsh treatment of people.

Who owns the land? Who owns the water? Who owns the air?

All taken by force!

Poetry – All One

All One

All from one –

                A single cell –

                                Sipping magic

From the infinite well.

A unique fire,

                Within a sea,

                                Exploding outwards,

Producing we.

Expanding force,

                So unique.

                                A display of art,

Full of mystique.

From chemical

                To awareness.

                                Its insane beauty

Could not prepare us.

In all the worlds

                Throughout all time

                                Was never a creation

So divine.

Covering the surface

                Of this jewel;

                                All from one

And one from all.

Opher – 22.4.2021

Life – the biggest, greatest, most wonderful spectacle in the whole universe.

Life. Starting just once.

From that magic cell, across billions of years, spreading like a forest fire, it rampaged across the planet to fill every nook and cranny.

Life. A mystery of wonder. The most unlikely event.

Just once.

Mutating to create every more elaborate form – ever more wondrous art.


Seeing, hearing, touching, feeling. Giving purpose to the universe.

Without us nothing is perceived. The wonders unappreciated.

Our joy and privilege is to perceive. Nothing more.

We are the eyes of the universe.

A happy accident.

All from one.

And we are but a tiny part of it all.

Poetry – Worship


I’m going to worship the sun.

At least it is real.

I can feel it on my face.

I can see it in the sky.

The sun is not imaginary;

Not an invention.

It gives me light.

It gives me heat.

It gives me life.

I do not need to talk to it in a cave,

Or on any mountain top,

Or in any wilderness.

The sun appears before everyone.

It does not make demands on me,

Or gives me lists of things I must not do,

Or lists of things I must do,

Things I have to wear,

Things I must not eat.

The sun is kind it merely gives expecting nothing in return.

I do not have to pray to it to make it shine.

It just shines.

It does not know that I exist.

It does not care.

It does not threaten me with eternal torture,

Or promise me eternal pleasure.

It came from the same place as me.

It made the atoms of my body.

It will die like me.

I am happy with the sun.

It will do very nicely.

Opher – 17.4.2021

Just imagine for one minute that there is no god.

Doesn’t that make a mockery of all the fantastic effort and sacrifices people all over the world have made?

Yet we can’t see this god. He rarely answers our prayers – if ever.

Why is it that only a certain few people have ever claimed to have spoken to god and received instructions from him? And always alone in caves, up mountains or in wildernesses.

Why is god so shy?

Why does this god give different, and very precise, instructions to different people?

Will wearing a veil, eating pork or beef, wearing a turban or devoutly praying really make that difference to him?

I always laugh when some who is saved from disaster thanks god. They never ask why god allowed the disaster in the first place or why he didn’t save the equally worthy people who died in the disaster.

If we have to worship something I’ll settle for the sun. The sun’s good enough for me. It’ll do for now. I might eventually transfer my allegiance to the moon though. She’s more mysterious.

Poetry – Some Call it

Some Call it

Fantastical! Mythical! Mystical!

Inorganic with a magic spark;

Creating organic;

Creating sight;

Creating thought;

Creating something out of nought.

Chemical with that electric spark

Seeing light! No longer dark!

Life – the greatest wonder

In the cosmic realm.

Enough incredulity

To overwhelm.

Some call it god,

Some call it strife,

Some call it magic,

I call it life.

Opher – 11.4.2021

I have no need to invent gods, religions or magic. Wonder and awe are quite enough for me.

The universe exists. I am in it. I exist. I see and feel it.

That is too amazing.

I’ve no need to dissect or invent.

Being is sufficient.

Poetry – Atoms and Energy

Atoms and Energy

Atoms and energy

The power of the mind,

Staring into Black Holes

To see what we can find.

Electricity and patterns

Recording all we see;

Delving into mysteries

With wonder, awe and glee.

All for the sake of knowing

How the wonder works –

Electron and quasar,

Supernova and quarks.

Opher 22.5.2016

Atoms and Energy

The greatest thing about the apes we call humans is our inquisitiveness. That is what makes us so successful. We have to know how everything works.

Questioning is the way to be.

Once you accept anything as the truth you are dead.

It is miraculous that in the space of a couple of hundred years we have travelled from a primitive life-style with candles and horses to the wonders of atomic energy, space travel and mobile phones.

What clever apes we are.

Perhaps too clever for our own good.

The jump has been so quick that many of us cannot cope. We still think with primitive minds, tribally and with vicious cruelty. We’ve got a way to go in order to catch up with our technology.

There are even whole countries of people trapped in the pre-science days of superstition.

Let’s hope that we can peer into those areas of ignorance, tinker and understand, and use science to solve all the problems we are creating by suffocating nature through sheer weight of numbers.

This is a simple little ditty.

Poetry – I have been here!

I have been here!

I am here!

What more can I say?

I exist!

I have breathed the air,

Watched the sky in wondrous thrall

As it mutated

Through all its shades

Of extroversion,


And felt the ecstasy!

My hands have touched

The holy bark,

The soft flesh

And the cold majestic granite

With equal wonder.

My ears have tuned

To the buzz and song

Of nature

And I have sniffed the wind

Of fertility.

My mind has soared and thrilled

To all the wonders

Of life;

The awe of a planet,

The mysteries of

Atoms and galaxies.

I am here!

I have lived!

And I have cherished every moment

With you.

Opher 22.4.2016

I have been here!

So short a visit. Already the terminal is in sight. But what a journey through landscape that is breath-taking. What passengers to share such a journey. Such variety. Such talent.

So fortunate to have the senses to take it in.

And how I’ve taken it in. It is deep within me. I have soaked it up like a sponge.

I want to experience every last taste, every colour, sound and touch. None of it is wasted.

Above all I want to share all these splendours with you. Every moment filled with love – the sauce that cooks the goose to perfection.

What a statement.

We are merely passing through, stopping to inhale.

By the end I will be sated.

Sated and replete, full.

So short a visit – too short by half.

But we have been.

We have left our mark.

Poetry – Sun Life

Sun Life

Sun shine

Sky blue

Leaf green

Wet dew

Cool drink

Broad sea

Brown sand

Run free

Pleasure rife

Big grin

Clasped hand

All win

Opher 28.3.2016

Sun Life

It’s a beautiful planet we live on with its broad expanses of waters, cooling breezes and green vegetation.

It’s a jewel.

Life runs free on that rich soil.

This is the world we evolved on. A symbiotic web of life that is all sustaining.

This is the goldilocks planet.

There is so much beauty and wonder crammed into a tiny corner of the galaxy.

We need to breathe it in every now and then, to feel its awesome strength and relish its unlikely marvels. The fact that we are here at all is incredible.

To have the consciousness to appreciate its splendours is something to celebrate.

A mere second in this place is worth a billion years of oblivion.