Poetry – Take me back to – a poem that reworks the theme of disillusionment


Take me back to

As I walked around the deck of the Marco Polo and thought about the immense changes that have taken place in the last two hundred years I kept reworking this poem.

I’ve travelled through oceans that once teemed with life and are now empty.

I visited islands where British ships replenished their larders by bludgeoning to death all the indigenous creatures.

Two hundred years ago life teemed. Now it is hanging on by its talons.

I am aging in fits and starts on a slow decline towards an inevitable death. The planet is on a similar trajectory.

In the next two hundred years we will have paved it all, caged what’s left and be living in an artificial, plastic paradise, as free as any good consumer can be.

Take me back to where I can breathe and wonder. I want out of this nightmare. 

Take me back to

Take me back to the African plains;

Away from the bombs of the insane;

Away from the craziness of god’s refrain;

Away from the missiles and blood stains;

Away from every human brain;

All the bones of the animals we have slain;

The trees that rot where they’re lain.

I’d send the whole lot down the drain

And start over again.

So I could wonder at the universe

In one sand grain

And find the will

To refrain

From slaughter.

Opher 22.2.2016

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9 thoughts on “Poetry – Take me back to – a poem that reworks the theme of disillusionment

      1. Some people think they deserve more than other people, I guess. It’s just that it’s so very much more. The greedy ones rake in millions while other people starve. Disgusts me. I don’t mind there being some inequality – it’s a question of degree.

      2. Yes, exactly. There will always be inequality but when it comes to a point where one percent have billions and the rest are barely surviving that’s not okay.

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