Poetry – Balance


Teetering 0n the brink

It’s all about balance and sense.

Clinging to life on the edge

For so many creatures it’s intense.

Do we possess the balance

Or do we not really care?

Is everything for the taking?

Do we want more than our own share?

Can we find the balance?

Or will our numbers swamp the earth?

Do we kill without a thought?

Not caring what any of it is worth?

One planet out of balance –

Plundered, ripped and torn;

Bewildered animals murdered

For fur, for space for horn.

Rivers, oceans, Jungles

Denuded, poisoned and cut down.

Gun and saw, fire and net

Turning land from green to brown.

Where’s the balance?

Opher 3.2.2019

A good balance would leave half the planet to nature and for us to live in the other half.

But no – we have to plunder and pillage for profit no matter what the cost.

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