Global Finance – Chris Riddell

Blah Blah Blah

Talk but no action. Will the wealthy take a hit to save the future or will greed prevail as always?

Will the politicians risk jeopardising re-election? Or will they really sell it to the electorates?

Will the world pull back from the brink or topple over the edge?

Is Gaia taking revenge?

Poetry – Listen to the Science

Listen to the Science

Listen to the science.

                We have the means!

                                Hope comes from actions

Not words!

Listen to the experts.

                We can act

                                But we don’t have time

To wait!

Listen to the sounds

                Of melting ice,

                                Of forest fires,

                                                Of frying creatures,

Not fools.

Opher – 22.4.2021

Listening to the frail girl who is called Greta. She may not be particularly charismatic but she has the power to move people.

Listen to the science.

Don’t be fooled by the right-wing propaganda from the ones who want to make more money.

The planet is worth more than all the money in the world.