Poetry – Too Many

Too Many

Too many people.

Too many by far.

All burning up energy.

Travelling by car.

Killing the wildlife.

Chopping the trees.

Covering with concrete.

Nature brought to its knees.

How to reduce this vast population?

Reduce the numbers – nation by nation?

Maybe Gaia is raising her head?

Giving her warning –

Change –

Or we’ll all end up dead.

Opher – 16.4.2020

Humanity has increased in numbers to a ridiculous level. We are swamping the planet and destroying nature.

Global warming and species diversity, deforestation, over-fishing, mass extinctions, plastic, ozone layer, pollution.

The problems are huge and global.

We show no real signs of grappling with these problems. They impinge on profits!!

So we continue to rape the planet and destroy nature. Perhaps the planet is getting fed up with us?

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