Poetry – All too much

All too much

There are too many people

Chopping too many trees,

Bringing the world

Down to its knees.

Drilling too much oil

From too many wells.

Too much profit

From too many hard sells.

Too many hunters

Shooting too many beasts.

Too much partying

And too many feasts.

They are trawling

Too many sea beds

For too many mouths

In too many heads.

There’s too much land

Being cleared away

And all being doused

With far too much spray.

There’s too little thought

And too little care

Just too much devastation


It’s all far, far too much!

Opher – 22.5.2019

The truth is that there are far too many of us. We have taken over too much of the fertile land and are causing far too much damage. We’re wiping everything out.

The natural world is reeling!

Poetry – It Takes Billions

It Takes Billions

Billions – it takes billions.

5 Billion to evolve,

8 Billion to destroy,

How many Billion to put right?

Billions – it takes Billions.

First you have to wake right up.

First you have to realise.

First you have to value it.

First you want to try.

Billions – it takes billions.

5 Billion to evolve,

8 Billion to destroy,

How many Billion to put right?

Billions – it takes Billions.

If 8 Billion were to become 4

There wouldn’t be a problem

Any more.

Opher 13.4.2018

There are 8 billion of us sharing this lifeboat of a planet with all the myriad types of life. 8 billion of us taking up room, killing, flattening, cultivating, building, taming, simplifying, reducing and eradicating.

The effect is dramatic.

The teeming masses of which we are part, from which we came, from which we draw our sustenance are being reduced by the minute.

5 billion years of evolution, slow step by step, is being undone in mere decades.

But if 8 billion was trimmed to 4 then we could all have room to live in harmony and all of us would be winners. We would all have our lives enriched.

Poetry – Too Many

Too many

People everywhere

Crammed in like matchsticks –

Boxes into boxes

Filling every corner

Driving out the life

Swatting the flies

With a pot plant on the mantle.

People everywhere

In cars careering into the future

On mopeds with dreams of cars

Frantically propelled

In pursuit of progress.

Providing food upon the table.

People everywhere

Marching purposefully along pavements

Staring ahead

With minds nicely contained

And dreams restricted

People everywhere

Sitting in front of screens

In offices with air-conditioning

And protocols

So that they do not have to think

People everywhere

In boxes within boxes

Watching boxes

Being boxed

And avoiding thinking about the box

They will all end up in.


Too Many

What a shame.

There are too many of us destroying everything, reducing the beauty to rubble, creating wasteland out of wilderness, producing rubbish and consuming the world.

Too much filth, grime and litter. Too much smoke and gas. Too many kids.

We travel in boxes and live in boxes shut away from the natural world and are fed the views we are to assume. We are controlled, organised, restricted and contained.

There is a homage to Malvina Reynolds in here too. I do adore Malvina.

I wrote this before I travelled through Asia again and witnessed the tsunami of humanity that is engulfing the planet. It is far more destructive than any wave of any magnitude.

It leaves me full of dread on many levels.