Ten Penny Women

Ten Penny Women

All you ten penny women got nothing in your head.

With your skanky cassanovas you might as well be dead.

You strut and you wobble, don’t know the price of bread.

Stay away from my orchard.

You paint your plastic faces, botox your lips.

Worry about your bums, push out your tits.

Faced with real life your mind it just flips.

Brains of a pilchard.

All you hard muscled men, tattoos on your arms.

You’ve got the mentality that sets off fire alarms.

Your brain’s in your balls, the least of your charms.

Clever to be hard.

I fear for the future when I hear your shallow thought.

All that’s in your heads adds up to a juicy nought.

You could fill a sentence with all that you’ve been taught.

You make me tired.

Opher – 7.7.2022

Sometimes when faced with the mindlessness of so much popular culture I despair. You go out on Saturday night to see girls dressed in a handkerchief wobbling around on high heels drunk out their minds while the lads swagger about showing off their tats and biceps looking for a fight. It is all so very pointless, mindless and shallow.

Meanwhile, around them, obliviously, the universe turns and unscrupulous politicians and businessmen prey on them.