The Incredible String Band – This Moment.

One of my favourite ISB songs – and very in line with my thinking on this wonderful new day.

My back pages – 1992 – Bob Dylan and an array of stars.

These really are my back pages now. So great to see people like George Harrison, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Robbie Robinson playing with Bob on this great Dylan song.

It feels like the whole era is eroding daily as it drops into a misunderstood history.

You kids got it right – an extract from ‘Farther from the Sun’.

We were walking down the street in downtown New York when this guy comes across to us. He was really old, certainly over forty, and a very smart businessman.

“I just wanted to say to you kids that I think you got it right.”

He shook me by the hand. Got what right, I wondered?

“I’ve worked for twenty years and I grind my ass into the ground. I’ve got a beautiful house, a wife and two lovely children but I never see them.”

He shook his head. “Some American dream, huh? I get up in the dark, kiss the wife and kids goodbye, drive to work in my flash car and work my butt off all day. I drive home in the dark and eat, watch a bit of telly and go to bed. I tell you I never see the house. I hardly see my wife and kids. I don’t do anything with my life other than work and earn money to spend on things I never see or use.”

“Something wrong, huh?” He shook his head.

“You kids got it right. At least you have fun, see something of the world. You do things. You’re not obsessed with money and status. I envy you. I wish I was young right now. I’d do it different!”

He shook my hand again and was gone.



You have the right to scream?


Today’s Music to keep me SAnnnnneeee in Isolation – Sam and Dave

Sam and Dave were a rockin’ Soul due from sixties Stax. Their voices blended perfectly (a little like Don & Dewey from the 50s). They performed some classic Soul Music.

This got me going! Hope it gets you going too! Great music for those, like us, still in lockdown.

Poetry – Feels like the end

Feels like the end


As the last grains of sand drop through,

All that’s left are memories

And they too will melt into meaninglessness,

As those who felt those moments

Fall into eternity.

The pictures do not do justice,

Do not capture the emotion,

The thoughts, ideals and feel of the moment;

The words cannot communicate

To one who wasn’t there.

As we pass into history.

The zeitgeist, the moment, unique;

A whole age

Reduced to ghosts on youtube,

Words in sterile books,

Misunderstood, pawed over

Endlessly reinterpreted,

Until the last grain falls

And it is gone,



Opher – 26.7.2020


(For Pete Green)

Today’s Music to keep me sANe in Isolation – Fairport Convention

I still remember the Fairports from the sixties with Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny. They were formidable.

They’ve become a bit of an institution. I’ve caught them a number of times down the years with the great late Dave Swarbrick. They are always good.

Today I will be playing my Fairport Convention. They take me back to those wonderful times.

Star – the way the Sixties youth rebellion was incorporated into the story.

Star – the way the Sixties youth rebellion was incorporated into the story.

The main idea that I was playing with in this book was the youth rebellion of the nineteen sixties.

Having lived through it and, as a student living in London, being heavily immersed in it, I felt that I knew a lot about the sixties phenomena. I found the idea of taking the underlying principles and applying them to the future quite inspiring and intriguing.

I set the book in the future in the sixties of the year 3167 AC. We had an intergalactic civilisation. Rock Music performed, not in stadia, but huge arenas in space on a gigantic scale.

There were a lot of elements to bring together.

The glue that held the sixties movement together was Rock Music. I had to create a band featuring a larger than life Rock Star – based on Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Arthur Brown, David Bowie and John Lennon.

The Civil Rights movement was an important element. I had to create an alien species who were subjected to abuse and yet were highly intelligent.

The antiwar movement was another. I had to create two competing powers and a proxy war being waged on a remote planet.

I then incorporated many of the events and people from the sixties in many guises. There was the Black Panthers, the Yippies, the Fugs, the Chicago riots, Peace Park, free festivals, Woodstock, Altamont, Games in May, Martin Luther King, the antiwar marches, the raising of the pentagon, the civil rights marches, Bob Dylan’s motorbike accident and many more.

My main story was the way the lucrative Rock Music business was being controlled by big business and the mafia. Behind the scenes, my Rock Star was subject to all manner of forces. His manager, based loosely on Albert Grossman, Peter Grant and Bill Graham, was caught up in the politics. My star was trying to remain true to his principles but the pressures were building.

Would the revolution change society? Or would it be incorporated into the money-making establishment?

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