Today’s Music to keep me ANGRY in Lockdown – Phil Ochs

Today I’m so angry at the blatant Tory propaganda machine and its strangling of democracy via control of the press and BBC that I wanted something that reflected that.

I wanted something overtly political.

I thought about Gang of Four, then Buffy St Marie. I thought of Billy Bragg but I’ve already had him (as well as Stiff Little Fingers). I’ve had Dylan and Bob Marley and Roy Harper. I’ve had Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

So today I’m going for Phil Ochs. I need a big slice of his anger and political idealism!!

Here’s to you Phil!! Your music lives on!! Your sentiments are even more important now!!

Where are the new generation of angry poet rebels??

Poetry – Sham Democracy

Sham Democracy


It shouldn’t need saying

Because it’s plain to see

We’re living in a sham

Of democracy.

The press is run

By the Tory Grandees

And they’ve loaded

The board of the BBC.


Forget your thoughts

Of meritocracy.

The news is just

Tory hypocrisy.

The only thing we receive

Is Tory policy.

It’s created a land of



Opher – 28.5.2020



Still fuming over the blatant control of the media by the Tories. It’s a propaganda machine that works so well for them. Any opposition is met with a flood of lies.

It’s becoming a one-party state.

Photos of Newcastle Australia and Barrington

In the back garden. We were very fortunate to stay with Pete and Trudy who took us out camping in the outback to places we could only dream about.

This is Ermintrude the spider who hung out in this enormous web outside where we were staying. At night we had to walk down the path to our shack with a broomstick to sweep in front of us. The golden orb spiders were pretty quick at building webs and if you weren’t careful you’d get a facefull of spider.

I like bark.

Up in the Barringtons.

The leech that latched on to Pete’s foot!

My Photos of Australian animals pt. 1

Being a zoologist who just loves animals having the opportunity to go to Australia was paradise. I was able to see a whole range of Australian animals before the politicians in cahoots with big business kills them all off.

I saw some spectacular wildlife. A big thank you to Pete and Trudy who made that possible. I’m forever in your debt!

Poetry – Wished I wasn’t there – John Phillips

Wished I wasn’t there


As we hung around the garden

There was sadness in the air

And my heart was torn with memories

And I wished I wasn’t there


All the crying and the grieving

And the singing and the prayer;

How it was n’t what he’d wanted

And I wished I wasn’t there


With the people asking questions

Why to him? And was it fair?

But I didn’t know the answers

And I wished I wasn’t there.

Poetry – Drugs



Give me a drug to keep me young

Cos I don’t like being old!

Give me a drug to keep me warm

Cos I don’t like being cold!


Give me a drug to keep me fit

So I can go out and play!

Give me a drug to make me happy

To keep the blues away!


With the new biochem

We can optimise your lives.

Drugs can do anything

Even make you wise!


So give the world leaders

Drugs to make them care!

Instead of war let’s have

Peace breaking out everywhere!


Opher – 27.5.2020

Poetry – Covid for Reg and Iris – For Mr Cummings

Covid for Reg and Iris


I’ve been in isolation for ten weeks now.

It’s been a terrible time.

The wife, she’s had covid

And she’s hardly in her prime.

I struggled to look after her,

And then the wife’s father died

But we couldn’t attend the funeral

We had to stay inside.

I was worried that I’d get sick too

And then who’d look after us

But if you give in to worry

You’ll jump beneath a bus.

So we struggled on

And somehow we’ve got through

It’s left the wife real weak though

Hardly a ‘small flu’.

We’ve been scared and terrified

Without family support.

No-one to talk to,

And shopping to be bought.

Every time I stepped outside

I thought I’d catch the virus

And end up dying on my own

And then who’d look after Iris?

We do everything we’re told to

And are always washing hands.

There’s just one rule for us

Another for those who rule these lands.

But if they go spreading the disease

It’s not them’d die.

We’re the ones it’d do in

Iris and I.


Opher – 27.5.2020

The Corona Diaries – Day 73

I can feel the whole lockdown beginning to relax. The number of new cases and deaths are both coming down. There is a different feel around. People are out, cars are about. Up here they are social distancing – not sure that is the case everywhere though!

That slimy Cummings still has not resigned. The pressure is building!! This is the lying, conniving mastermind behind Brexit who deviously spent his time spinning, lying and spreading propaganda. He’s the one who has boosted Johnson into being elevated above his competence! He needs to go!

One rule for everybody!!! No elitist spin!!

Today a friend of mine dropped in for a socially distanced walk. That was great – a good time to have a good natter. I’ve missed that.

We walked up to the top of my hill (I have now claimed it). Very pleasant day again!

I have had kindle report problems with the covers of both my new books – Star and Green. Seemingly the writing is wrong on the cover is wrong. Not sure how I can put that right. It’s an automatic process? We’ll see. Nothing in life is straightforward.

I’ve been working on my new Ron Forsythe website and blog. Hoping to get it up and running tomorrow. An important step for me. I’m useless at these things.

I’ve been playing a lot of Velvet Underground and Nico. I find her voice so haunting.

A bit of a mixed day!!

Still not ill – so you all stay safe!!

Poetry – Green Pantoum – John Phillips

A pantoum is a poetic structure. Here John uses it to expose how politicians and big business conspire to put profit before nature.


   Green Pantoum


In England s rain-swept, green and pleasant land

Where being green is very hard to be

As many choose to fail to understand

And thus evade responsibility.


Where being green is very hard to be

When politics and industry conspire

And thus, evade responsibility

To profit and to furnish their desires.


When politics and industry conspire,

Misrepresent the facts to power their game

To profit and to furnish their desires

Deny the truth and so apportion blame.


Misrepresent the facts to power their game

As many choose to fail to understand

Deny the truth and so apportion blame

In England s rain-swept green and pleasant land