Today’s Music to kee[p me SssSAaANnnnNEee in Isolation – John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band

His best album – raw and brutal.

John Lennon – Woman is the nigger of the world.

As the medieval fanatics of the Taliban advance into the cities threatening to take over the country and throw everyone back into the stone-age it made me think of this song.

These religious thugs want to force their distorted views on to everyone else. They are ignorant imbeciles who believe in a abhorrent philosophy. Religion is bad enough but this takes it to a different level.

They want to ban music.

They want to destroy art and architecture.

They want to erase history.

But worst of all they want to dominate and completely subjugate half of humanity – women. They want to chain them in the house as slaves. They want to prevent them being educating, working or assuming any position of power. They insist they had to be covered from head to foot in robes and veils. They want them obeying their husbands, churning out babies and doing menial work. They wish to treat women worse than dogs.

If that isn’t worth opposing I don’t know what is.

John Lennon recognised how bad things were for women in the Western world – let alone this barbaric idiocy. He deliberately used the word nigger because of the power that was in it.

Fifty years on woman is still the nigger of the world and in Afghanistan it’s about to get a lot lot worse!

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes, she is, think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about it, do something about it

Today’s Music to keep me SsssaAaaAnnnNeeE in Isolation – John lennon – Plastic Ono Band

I love this stripped back album full of raw energy and truth. Everything that Rock should be. I think he only had three albums that were great – this, Imagine and Shaved Fish.

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Full Album – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaAaNNNnEeEe in Isolation – John Lennon – Imagine Album.

Imagine is a great track but I’ve heard it a million times. The rest of the album is brilliant. In my opinion John only produced two brilliant albums – Imagine and Plastic Ono Band – three if you count Shaved Fish. The rest of his stuff is OK but not up to that standard. I love the bare emotion and unrestrained impetus. He was doing and saying what he liked. Freedom.

I’ll enjoy this today.

John Lennon – 1971 – Imagine – YouTube

Poetry – John


The vibe died.

Peace had no chance.

We lacked the imagination.

War was over,

If we wanted

But we preferred stagnation.

We cold turkeyed

On jealousy and greed

Playing mind games instead of love.

We had nine dreams

All across the universe

With missiles from above.

Instead of starting over

Wanting some truth

We put ourselves in isolation.

It’s time to break out,

Get out of the bag –

For instant karma across the nation.

Opher – 9.10.2020

It was John’s birthday today. He would have been eighty. Half his life he never had. The Beatles getting back together – we were deprived of.

He and Yoko decided to use his fame and her performance art to promote peace.

They used whatever means they could, bags, beds, acorns, to convince world leaders that there were better ways. War was bad.

This was as the Vietnam War was still raging.

They were scorned, pilloried and abused, hounded and pressured, threatened and despised.

I think it drove him to drink and out of music for a while.

Yes, he became fey and affected, but he was a force for moral good and someone who tried.

I miss him.

Rock Archeology – New York 2010 – photos

I first went to New York in 1971. Even that was long after it’s sixties highlights. But it was still alive. The sixties underground was still in full swing. We had a great time, met some new friends, hung out and tried some different food. They were the days of sixties camaraderie. There might not have been Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Buffy St Marie or Joan Baez hanging out in Gerdes Folk City but there was still a vibe.

We visited again in 2010 and it was a bit of a tourist attraction. But it was interesting to search out the places where those guys had all played – a bit of Rock archeology.

I sure would have liked to have gone back four or five years later to catch CBGBs and the start of the Punk scene.

The Apollo where the likes of James Brown and Buddy Holly played.

The Dakota where John Lennon was murdered.

The infamous Bob Dylan cover.

A good bit of nostalgia for the old folks.