Putin And Johnson

Putin And Johnson

Putin and Johnson

                Will soon be dust.

                                Their crooked regimes

                                                Will tumble and rust.

The pyramids

                Will blow in the wind

                                Even the galaxy

                                                Will cease to spin.

Nobody left

As the stars will go out

                                To wonder what

                                                It was all about.

Opher – 25.6.2022

I’m going through one of my philosophical moods.

One short life.

We can waste it or live it.

Purpose that we create for ourselves.

We can do something positive or we can do nothing.

We can build or destroy.

We can care or hate.

We can look after the planet or be greedy vandals.

The only thing that matters is what t we do in the moments that make up our lives. A positive force or a negative force. The moment is all we have. Nothing lasts.

When it is over it is gone.

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