Intrigue and power

Intrigue and power

In these times of obfuscation,

                Of charades

And diversionary tactics,

                Of populist ideology

                                And blatant propaganda:

In these days of lies

                And soundbites,

Designed to enthuse

                And deceive,

We are embroiled

                In the deceptions of

                                Greedy exploiters,

For whom

                The truth is elastic

                                And designed to fool

                                                The gullible.

Charisma has replaced honour

                So that politics becomes

A pantomime of

                Selfish power-seeking

                                And naked profiteering.

Opher 21.6.2023

The last thirteen years of populism exemplified by The Tories, The Republicans, Boris Johnson, Brexit and Donald Trump, politics has hit an all-time low.

We are looking at an era of blatant profiteering. The Tories, Republicans and populists around the world (Modi, Erdogan, Le Penn, Meloni, Oban and Bolsonaro – then add Putin and Xi) feathering their own nests at the expense of the people and robbing the poor to give to the rich.

Never has politics been so low. Never has sleaze and corruption been so very blatant. Never have there been so many lies and barrages of propaganda.

We are at an all-time low!

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