Swimming With The Turds

Swimming With The Turds

Is there anything more absurd

Than swimming with a turd?

While bonuses of share holders

Zoom to fill their folders.

Putting profit before us

As they shove us under the bus.

Water companies not doing what they oughta

So we can now walk upon the water!

Storm drains pour out the poo

While CEOs don’t care what they do!

The sea is now a cesspool

With rivers completely full!

Ocean’s browns no longer blues

As the contents of our loos

Full of pees and do’s

Is being pumped into the news.

Now the sea is full of lumps

With shareholders making money

Out of our dumps!

Opher – 21.6.2023

Margaret Thatcher and the Tory Party privatised the Water Companies in 1989. She basically sold the water off to foreign investors so they could make money out of us.

Like all the other Tory sell-offs they were sold off on the cheap and rich investors made a long-term gain for our measly short-term profit.

But politicians only think short-term. The next election looms. They sell off the future for a tiny short-term gain to get themselves re-elected. (Hence the power, housing, post and rail were all sold for a song to the wealthy with long-term great harm to us!)

Between 71% and 90% of our water is owned by foreign companies in places like Malaysia and Hong Kong. They cream off profit from the amount we pay.

Since privatisation these wealthy foreigners have creamed of a staggering £72 billion for their shareholders and created £53 billion debt.

We have a record number of incidents of raw sewage being dumped in rivers and seas and a record low of repair and maintenance.

Another example of Tories taking from the poor and giving to the rich. We’re not just swimming with the turds in our seas we’re doing it metaphorically too with our politicians!

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